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  • Puja For Wealth & Prosperity
  • Puja For Wealth & Prosperity
  • Puja For Wealth & Prosperity
  • Puja For Wealth & Prosperity
  • Puja For Wealth & Prosperity
  • Puja For Wealth & Prosperity
  • Puja For Wealth & Prosperity

Mangalyeshwarar Shiva Temple

Puja For Wealth & Prosperity, Edaiyathumangalam,Lalgudi,Trichy, TamilNadu
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This temple is located in Edaiyathumangalam, in the district of Trichy in the state of Tamil Nadu. Apart from being a temple where pujas for the purpose of wealth are conducted, this is also the temple meant for special pujas by those who have been born under the influence of the star Uthiram. In this temple, Lord Shiva presides in his Mangalyeswarar form, and his consort Mangalambigai also stands with him. A host of other deities is also present at this temple, which makes a puja done at this temple very effective.
A simple puja can be conducted at this temple by the devotee, or by a priest on the devotee's behalf. The effects of the puja have been experienced by many thousands of devotees. In mysterious ways, wealth and gold will find their way to the person who has had a puja conducted at the temple. Not only will the bhakta see prosperity increase after the puja, this state of things will stay for a long time to come, and the bhakta will never have to experience a lack of money as long as they live. Prosperity and increase in wealth may happen due to a major promotion at the workplace, or because of a significant rise in one's salary.
In return, to give thanks for the boon of prosperity, gold and wealth given to them, worshippers often have a small thanksgiving ceremony conducted at the temple. It is certain that if the worshipper believes that the deities can help him, they will do so. Many people have made their lives happier and brighter through a puja for prosperity, as can be seen in the many thanksgiving ceremonies that take place at the temple every single day.
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