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  • Puja For Wealth & Prosperity

Akshayapureeshwarar Shiva Temple

Puja For Wealth & Prosperity, Vilangulam,Tanjore, TamilNadu
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This is considered to be the dwelling place of Sani Bhagawan. He is the god of all planetary effects, as he is eighth in the order. The devotees in this temple are advised to perform abhisheka with eight materials such as oil, panchamirtham, tender coconut, punugu and so on. They are also asked to circumambulate the Saneeswara's shrine for eight times to get rid of the adverse planetary effects, health problems, handicaps and obstacles in marriage.
According to legends, one day Saneeswara's son Yama Dharmaraja went furious on his father and broke one of his legs, Saneeswara wanted to cure his limb and so started his pilgrimage to all Shivatemples when he visited this place he was stalled by a Vanni tree's root and he stumbled to the ground. Suddenly the spring Gnanavari arose from her imprisonment and lifted up Sani and the Lord Shiva Appeared before him and blessed him with healthy limbs and two wives.
A simple puja can be conducted at this temple by the devotee, or by a priest on the devotee's behalf. The effects of the puja have been experienced by many thousands of devotees. In mysterious ways, wealth and gold will find their way to the person who has had a puja conducted at the temple. Not only will the bhakta see prosperity increase after the puja, this state of things will stay for a long time to come, and the bhakta will never have to experience a lack of money as long as they live. Prosperity and increase in wealth may happen due to a major promotion at the workplace, or because of a significant rise in one's salary.
This is the only temple in which Lord Saneeswara graces with his two consorts Mandha and Jeshta in a wedding pose.
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