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  • Puja For Wealth & Prosperity
  • Puja For Wealth & Prosperity
  • Puja For Wealth & Prosperity
  • Puja For Wealth & Prosperity
  • Puja For Wealth & Prosperity
  • Puja For Wealth & Prosperity

Runa Vimochana Lingeshwarar Shiva Temple

Puja For Clearing All Loans/Debts, Tirucherai,Nr Kumbakonam, TamilNadu
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In day to day's life, it is very obvious that people will fall into situations where they might come under the pressure of taking help in the form of money. It is really very difficult to be in situations like this where repaying loans becomes difficult due to a lot of reason which happen due to destiny and the change of one's planet. Therefore poojas that are specially created in our Vedas to clear the debt and other loans which when offered to God with a clear and pure intention helps to eradicate all problems that are the root cause of loans and other debts.
Benefits of the puja The Runa Vimochana lingeshwarar Shiva temple which is located in Tirucherai of kambonam in Tamil Nadu has the ancient history and the fame of having a special pooja that has been used by hundreds of needy devotees to clear off the burden of hefty loans and debts from their shoulders. This is one of the famous temples that were erected and built by the Chola kings and hence the history of the temple goes back to as much as hundreds of years. Runa or Debts and Vimochana means Relief lingam of the Lord Shiva is present in the temple and people come to offer the God, pooja for getting rid of the debts and problems of life. According to the Hindu mythology, Debts can be of three types: � Deva runa or the debt towards God � Rishi runa or the debt towards saints and � Pitru runa or the debt towards one's own ancestor. In the presence of any such runa, one's karma is said to detoriate and salvation for the person is difficult from the life cycle. In such a circumstance, offering pooja to the Lingam of Lord Shiva at the Runa Vimochana temple is of great help and it not only helps to clear off one's debts but also makes sure that the person does not face any such problems in their life. Importance of the puja While offering the pooja for the eleven weeks when the fast and pooja happens, the person offering the pooja needs to abstain from heavy food especially non vegetarian food, from sexual thoughts, bad words, jealousy and definitely anger. And the other important thing to do is chant �Om namah shivaye� which is the mool-mantra of the chief chant for Lord Shiva. It is said also said that every Monday through the eleven weeks, going to the temple and offering pooja by taking one's moon sign helps a lot. During these weeks, devotees offer Lord Shiva with milk, honey, sugarcane juice, coconut water, jaggery etc which is said to be make him feel compassionate towards mankind. Significance of the temple The temple is also famous not only because of its rich history but also for a lot of people who come to the temple to give pooja and get rid of their loans in cash and kinds. The Runa Vimochana temple is opened during morning and also during evenings for pooja, arati archana and for visitors who not only believe in the power of God but also come to try their destiny where they can get rid of a very painful problem in their life.
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