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  • Puja For Relief From Illness/Health Related Problem
  • Puja For Relief From Illness/Health Related Problem
  • Puja For Relief From Illness/Health Related Problem

Sriviliputhur Vaidyanathaswamy Shiva Temple

Puja For Relief From Illness/Health Related Problems, Srivilliputhur, TamilNadu
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This temple is situated in the state of Tamil Nadu, in the town of Srivilliputhur. This is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in his form of 'vaidya' or healer. This means that the speciality of this temple is the curing of diseases. Many thousands of people visit the temple each year in order to get rid of their diseases, and many more have pujas performed on their behalf by priests at the temple.
Devotees who have been healed say that they have never felt better before in body, and in mind. From minor ailments such as scars, pimples, rashes etc., to more serious ones, all can be cured when the deity is willing and appeased through a puja. Many people benefit from such a puja every single day, and are glad that they did perform the puja. There is always a crowd at the temple consisting of people who want to thank Lord Shiva for giving them good health and bringing back joy and cheer that was otherwise missing from their life.
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