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  • Puja For Dheerga Sumangali Life/Eternal Married Life
  • Puja For Dheerga Sumangali Life/Eternal Married Life

Akashapureeshwarar Shiva Temple

Puja For Dheerga Sumangali Life/Eternal Married Life/Husband Long Life, Kaduveli,Tiruvaiyar, TamilNadu
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At the Akashpureeshwarar temple, Lord Shiva is prayed in the Linga form because it is believed that the Lord when prayed in his Linga form (which is the beginning of all creation), it is a puja that turns out to be pious and everlasting. In the holy month of sravan (monsoons in India), devotees offer puja to the Linga that consists of white curd, ghee, milk, weat etc.
For a long and happy life, the protector of the universe, also known as Lord Shiva is prayed so that he can bless one's family and keep them guided under his shelter. Benefits of the puja The Akashpureeshwarar temple has nine garbagrihas, each having a Shiva Linga in it which states that the nine planets are all made and controlled by Lord Shiva himself and also that during one's circle of life, the nine planets and their importance cannot be omitted. There are pujas that young couples come and offer at the temple so that they stay satisfied and happy in the long union of their married life.
On Maha shiv ratri there is a huge festival where devotees come and offer puja to the Shiva Lingam and pray to the eternal father to keep them under the shelter of his prosperity and also aid them towards a good family life full of virtues.
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