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  • Relief From Illness/Health Related Problems
  • Relief From Illness/Health Related Problems
  • Relief From Illness/Health Related Problems
  • Relief From Illness/Health Related Problems
  • Relief From Illness/Health Related Problems

Maruthorvattam Dhanvanthari Temple,Cherthala, , In Vaidyanathaswamy Temple,Srivilliputhur, & In Sri Dhanvantari Temple,Srirangam, TamilNadu

Puja In 3 Temples For Relief From Illness/Health Related Problems
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People all over the world spend there every waking moment in working for and thinking about the ways, they can secure themselves a life healthy and prosperous. Man has become a mere piece in this system of the society; hence, almost everyone ends up running after the gathering and completion of the materialistic necessities and wants us posses. But, what is getting lost in the process is something far more precious than the wealth and comforts of the life, and it is nothing but our health of all. It is not as if we purposely want our health to deplete, rather, in one way or the other, it is the one thing we crave most for, but just do not have the source to cure most of our illness and diseases. Some of the internal illness that we can't even register for ourselves, and the other critical illness, which even the so advanced medical facility of our time fails to cure. For those agonized souls, Gods always have their door of mercy open for them; so, here are three temples of our country, which blesses the devotees with cures from all illness and health troubles with pooja.Maruthorvattam Dhanvantri Temple, Kerala The temple is dedicated to the Lord Dhanvantri, who is believed to be the master of Ayurveda and part incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The legend says that he initially emerged out of the milky ocean, holding the pot of amruth, while the timeless great churning between the gods and the demons was going on. So, devotees visiting this temple do his pooja Lord for asking for relief from all illness and diseases. The temple is known best for blessing the childless devotees with the boon of children, who commences his pooja by the commitment of offering Santhanam Gopalam Kathakali, upon the birth of their blessed child.Vaidyanathaswamy Temple, Srivilliputhur, Tamil Nadu It is a 500-1000 years old temple, dedicated to the moolavar Vaidyanathar who blesses the devotees with Amman Sivakami in the temple. Devotees carry out the pooja at this temple to gain the blessings for the safe and healthy delivery of the mother about to give birth to her child, by performing the abhishekam and archanas of the mother and the Lord, and offer them with sacred vastras for ensuring the health and safe keeping in their lives, along with the blessing of relief from pain and wound healing for the pregnant woman about to deliver her child.Sri Dhanvantri Temple, Srirangam, Tamil NaduThis temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, and is counted among the first and foremost of the 108 Divya Desas. It is one of the largest working temples of our country. The temple has many shrines of many gods and deity, and has a separate shrine for one of the greatest physician of our ancient country, Lord Dhanvantri, who is known to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and the master of Ayurveda. It is believed that when the devotees carry out the pooja of Lord Dhanvantri in the temple, receives his blessings as cure from all diseases and illness.