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  • Relief From Illness/Health Related Problems
  • Relief From Illness/Health Related Problems
  • Relief From Illness/Health Related Problems
  • Relief From Illness/Health Related Problems
  • Relief From Illness/Health Related Problems

In Maruthorvattam Dhanvantari Temple, In Vaitheeswaran Kovil, Nr Nagapattinam, In Vaidyanathaswamy Temple,Srivilliputhur, TamilNadu & In Sri Dhanvantari Temple,Srirangam, TamilNadu

Puja In 4 Temples For Relief From Illness/Health Related Problems
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Health is the most precious gem any soul can possibly ask to posses. So, ever individual is supposed to treasure this blessing of health that we get from the mother nature, but there are times when many of us just feel helplessly unable to take care and preserve our health. But, we are not to loose hope, even if our present day highly advanced medical facilities and developments are not sound enough to treat and cure our illness and health troubles, there is the blessing of the Gods we have to relieve us from the sufferings and pains of ill health.Here are the four temples of our country, which are believed to bless all their devotees with a health and prosperous life, taking away all their illness and health troubles.Maruthorvattam Dhanvantri Temple This is a Hindu temple, which is dedicated to the Lord of Ayurveda, Lord Dhanvantri. It is believed that he at first emerged out of a milky ocean, holding a sacred pot of amrit in his hands, when the great churning among the demons and the Gods, called the Samudra Manthan, was going on. He is considered a part incarnation of Lord Vishnu and being one of the greatest physician of ancient India, he is believed to relieve all his devotees of all their illness and health troubles, when they carry out his pooja with utmost faith and dedication. The temple holds a great reputation for miraculously blessing all the childless devotees who visit the holy place with the desire of having a child. They commence his pooja by making his commitments and upon the birth of the child; and the pooja is completed by the offering of Santhana Gopala Kathakali at the temple.Vaitheeswaran Kovil Temple, Vaitheeswaran koil, Tamil Nadu This is a 1000-2000 years old temple dedicated to the moolavar Vaidyanathar blessing all the devotees with the Thayar Thaiyal Nayaki in the temple. The Lord is considered the kul devta of many families and his pooja relieves the devotees from all ailments and illness. People get special oil and sacred sandal and ash from the temple, which they apply on the body for miraculous benefits.Vaidyanathaswamy Temple, Srivilliputhur, Tamil Nadu This temple is dedicated to the moolavar Vaidyanathar and the Thayar is Sivakami, and is believed to bless the devotees with good health and prosperous life. All the devotees, expecting a child, commence the pooja in the temple by performing the abhishek and archana of the mother and lord, so as to gain their blessing for the safe and healthy delivery of the child. Offering of sacred vastras is also made and the lord graces the mother to be with relief from pain and delivery wounds.Sri Dhanvantri Temple, Srirangam, Tamil Nadu The temple is dedicated to the Lord Dhanvantri, who is the master of all ayurveda and blesses all the devotees with relief from all ailments and diseases. The devotees worship the lord for having his blessings for a healthy and prosperous life without any ailment and are offered with a decoction of beneficial herbs as the Prasadam or Teertha, after ever daily pooja of Lord Dhanvantri.