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  • Puja For Getting Moksha/Salvation/Avoiding Re-Birth
  • Puja For Getting Moksha/Salvation/Avoiding Re-Birth
  • Puja For Getting Moksha/Salvation/Avoiding Re-Birth
  • Puja For Getting Moksha/Salvation/Avoiding Re-Birth
  • Puja For Getting Moksha/Salvation/Avoiding Re-Birth


Puja For Getting Moksha/Salvation/Avoiding Re, Trivikrama Perumal Temple, Vishnu, Sirkazhi, TamilNadu
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We run day and night in the same cycles of work and routine every day just so as to ensure the happiness and comforts for our beloveds that we need and want; but, there comes a time when in spite of all the worldly pleasures and material comforts we have pooled for ourselves, the contentment some how seems to missing in our souls. In India, as per our tradition, we believe that every soul has a journey it travels, taking re-births over and over again in various forms, from a tiny insect to a human body and all.The fatigue resulted from this never ending journey of re-births leave our souls yearning for finding peace, its salvation. And there is where our true contentment lies.The Trivikrama Perumal Temple in Tamil Nadu promises the agonized souls of the devotees who turn to its shelter with a relief of a rest from the cycle of re-births and assures them a peace to find.The Trivikrama Perumal TempleThe Trivikrama Perumal Temple is a widely celebrated temple, with Sri Trivikrama as the moolavar, which engages a huge number of devotees from places far and wide, all over the year. It is a pious place where people turn up with their sorrows and troubles and the Lord willing takes all their pain and leave only happiness and blessings to take back home.The legend and pooja: The history says that the demon king Bali, the grandson of the great Vishnu devotee Prahalad, had a kind heart and was very generous. But the goodness developed into a consuming sense of superiority and Bali grew to think that he could was able to extend any help and donation that anyone could asked. He began to think of himself as the Supreme Being and forgot that there is a power above him who governs all. So, Lord Vamana went to him as a dwarf Brahmin and asked for three steps of land. When Bali agreed to donate, Vamana took his real form and grew as tall as sky. With one of his foot he scaled the earth and the sky in the very second one, that left nowhere for the second one, and so, Bali for the sake of his promise, offered his head to the Vamana without hesitation. His pride got Bali out of the earth, but with the permission to visit his people once a year; his homecoming is now celebrated as Onam.The third step on the head liberated Bali of the three stages of Jagrat, Swapana, and Sushupthi, symbolized by the three steps, and elevated him to attain moksha.So, when devotees come and carry out their pooja of Lord Trivikrama with humbleness and utmost faith all, their wishes are fulfilled and the Lord blesses them with a relief from the cycle of birth and death and graces them to attain moksha, just like Mahabali. Lord Trivikrama also subdued the pride of Lord Brahma and so, devotees offer tulsi garlands with sweets and vastras and commence pooja at Trivikrama Perumal Temple with a wish for getting the blessing of moksha and longevity from Lord Trivikrama.
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