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  • Puja For Excellence In Dance Forms-Tillai Natarajar Temple
  • Puja For Excellence In Dance Forms-Tillai Natarajar Temple
  • Puja For Excellence In Dance Forms-Tillai Natarajar Temple

Tillai Natarajar Shiva Temple

Puja For Excellence In Dance Forms, Chidambaram, TamilNadu
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Every rhythmic movement whether it's walking, jumping, sliding or just shaking one's body is dance the art form of deep devotion to gods. May it be celebrating a victory or just for leisure dance as an art form is gods own reflection of art of conveying or telling stories through mudras or bhavams. The Natraja tandavam to the Krishna's dance over kali nags head had been a resolution for pure devotion and mysticism. The dancers till today worship and take blessings of lord Natraja before taking on the stage to perform, dance is powerful artform which has shaped the society that we live in. Nritya Ganapathi (the happy dancing ganesha) sannidhi is followed by artists who want to excel in the forms of dance. All dancers after learning to dance have to offer their art to the Natraja (Shiva ) to get his blessing in the career the arangetram ( climbing the stage or reaching the stage ) where one can now perform in front of people is an important ritual for classical dancers. During this ritual lord Natraja is worshipped with incense sticks and braking coconut as offerings after which the entire performance is dedicated to the lord himself. More about the temple Musiri,Trichy is dedicated to the Nataraja form of Lord shiva who is said to be present within the temple with his consort Parvathi. Artists, who are renoned in their fields for arts and different dance forms, are said to get their dancing jhoomars to this temple to get them blessed. It is believed that artist can connect with the gods through dance as it requires great concentration and pure devotion. Even though as a mode of entertainment to other people every form of dance brings about peace and happiness in mind and soul. The Nrithya Ganapathy Sannadhi-Kashi Vishwanathar Shiva Temple-Kaarukudi, The Kasi Vishwanathar temple is dedicated to lord Shiva who resides in this temple with Parvathi. It is extremely famous with in artists who come here to start of careers in dancing and other aspects of art like singing and playing musical instruments. It is believed that if people are blessed with lord shiver here and they go on to excel in all forms art. Devotees do the simple puja of burning incense sticks and garland to the gods followed by an offering of their art o the almighty. Signification of Nrithya Ganapathy Sannadhi-Kashi Vishwanathar Shiva Temple Dance has always been a form of worshipping gods to appease them and get their blessings. It is believed that dancing is form of tapasya to reach out to gods and a form of puja. Worshipping Nataraja (the dancing god) before and after the performance is considered auspicious and paying respect to the god almighty himself. The Nrithya Ganapathy Sannadhi- Kashi Vishwanathar Shiva Temple is considered a teerath sthan for all those who seek to excel in forms of art and culture and is significant for bringing the purity into the form of art which binds a devotee to his/ her god. Till today a significant amount of festivals are conducted in this temple to spread the divinity of art form amongst people.
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