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  • Puja For Relief From Legal Problems/Court Case
  • Puja For Relief From Legal Problems/Court Case

Lakshmipureeshwarar Shiva Temple

Puja For Relief From Legal Problems/Court Cases, Tirunindriyur,Nagapattinam, TamilNadu
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The pooja that is significant for the relief from the legal problems or the court cases which is considered as one of the main Hindu religious rituals. It is widely believed by the people that anyone who performs this pooja would be released from any legal cases or other court matters like divorce cases or other family related issues etc. The pooja will be performed in the religious destinations like temples, auditoriums or even in the individual homes. It is to be noted that since the pooja is delivered for the Lord Shiva or the Lord Maha deva, one must be very much conscious of the religious rituals and the formalities to be strictly followed over here.The pooja can never be performed for the sake of someone else. It is believed that the pooja will be delivered with great importance and meditation to get the good results for the Lord Shiva. People, who perform this pooja in the relevant temples or homes or anywhere, will be conscious of the results of the same. If performed with violated procedures, surely, the forthcoming life will be hampered as the deity of the Lord Shiva is considered to be very powerful with third eye.
Located in the Tirunindriyur village in the Nagapattanam district of the state of Tamil Nadu, the temple, as the name indicated, is dedicated for the worship of the Lord Shiva. The main significance related with this temple is that in this temple, the Lord Shiva is incarnated and worshipped in the form of the Swayambu linga. But still, it welcomes the devotees of all the kind indiscriminative of caste, creed or religion. Here though the main incarnation is the shivalinga, the goddess Parvati is also given a place close to Lord Shiva. Hence many devotees from different parts of the world come to this temple and perform the Dheerga Sumangali Pooja or popularly known as Sumangali pooja. The main festival celebrated in the temple would be the Maha Sivaratri that is considered to be the day when the Lord Shiva married the Goddess Parvati. Hence this day is used by the devotees to perform the Mangalia Pooja or the Dheerga Sumangali pooja.
The pooja that is performed in the temples or the houses with the help of the priests is to overcome the religious fights or the problem with the court that can be related to divorces or something related to that. It is mandatory for the devotees to follow up with the proper procedures to perform the pooja. The devotees would offer several kinds of sevas to the Lord Shiva and the Goddess Parvati that are the main deities of the temple. It is proven in the Puranas that this pooja, if performed in the Lakshmipureeshwarar temple in the Nagapattanam would fetch you immediate results because of the power of the Lord in the temple
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