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  • Guru Bhagawan Temple (Jupiter)-Alwar Tirunagari, Nr Tuticorn
  • Guru Bhagawan Temple (Jupiter)-Alwar Tirunagari, Nr Tuticorn

Guru Bhagawan/Brihaspati/Dakshinamurthy Temple (Jupiter)

, Alwar Tirunagari, Nr Tuticorn, TamilNadu
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The Guru Brihaspati Dakshinamurthy Temple is located in Alangudi and is dedicated to God Dakshinamurhty. The planet Jupiter here is ruled by God Dakshinamuruthy who is held in great reverence. It is known as Gurusthalam. Guru Bhagavan is actually God Shiva bestowing knowledge to all mankind.
Guru means one who destroys darkness or one who enlightens. Thus Guru is the one who leads you from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge. There are shrines to Surya, Gurumoksheswarar, Somanathar, Saptarishi nathar, Someswarar, Vishnunathar and Bhrameesar, Kaasi Viswanathar and Visalakshi.
Chithra Pournami is celebrated for 10 days. Every Thursday, there is a special dharsana of Dakshinamurthy. When Guru Transit takes place, a laksharchana will be done at Alangudi.
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