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Pitrupaksha , Pitrudosh, Kalasarpa Yog, Shraddh Puja

It’s very difficult to be born as a human being. Only after taking birth in 84 lakhs other species does a soul get a chance of being in human body. The entire universe around us is made up of the God and by the God. How, when and where to take the birth and where and when the death will come is not in our control. Birth as a human is said to be for fructification of the destiny and for getting the results of our past deeds.

But sometimes, we also have to atone for the sins of our forefathers. Sometimes, we have also taken rebirth in the same family for fulfilment of desires or complete unfinished tasks or suffer as a punishment for bad deeds done in the past birth. This all is due to Pitrudosha.

Lord Shri Krishna has preached in the Bhagavad-Gita:

"कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन । मा कर्मफलहेतुर्भुर्मा ते संगोऽस्त्वकर्मणि ॥"

Meaning: one has a right only to perform or do a karma; but not over expecting or deciding fruits / results from the deeds performed. Hence, always do any act without thinking about or expecting the fruits / results from the same. Similarly, one should not have attachment towards the work done and inaction. Cause and effect.i.e. every action has a reaction is the ‘Law of the nature’. Every good deed begets good results and every bad deed gives bad results. Saturn is called a Judge in the horoscope. It gives us the fruits of our action or deeds done in the previous births.

"अष्टादश पुराणेषु व्यासस्य वचनद्वयम् | परोपकारः पुण्याय पापाय परपीडनम् ||"

Meaning: Is the famous saying in Sanskrit, conveying a message that the charity done or help given to others is virtuous and any pain or trouble caused to others is sin.

It is pertinent to note that one does gets the results of all actions. However, the nature of result and timing is decided by the Almighty. The universe is governed by the RULES that function impartially and the functioning is automated. Whether we believe in the rules or no; doesn’t matter.

Let us take an example in daily life. If someone plants a sapling of a rose plant. The plant grows well in 5 to 6 months and one can have beautiful roses thereafter. However, a mango tree takes 13 to 14 years to grow fully. After one more year the fully-grown tree starts giving sweet mangoes. Till then one has to nurture the mango tree patiently.

We may not be aware but our actions and behaviour is constantly being monitored by the God or the nature whatever name you call it. As per Hindu religion, a crow represents our departed ancestors. A crow is a link between us and our departed ancestors. Hence a crow is fed during shraddha ritual.

"पैल तो गे काऊ कोकताहे । शकुन गे माये सांगताहे ।।"

Means a crow is crowing, indicates a good omen. A crow and a cow, are important in shraddha ritual that is performed in pitrupaksha or as a part of 13 day ritual post death of a person. There is a faith or belief that food offered to a crow and cow pleases souls of departed forefathers and they bless us. Adverse impact of trouble caused or obstacles faced in life is reduced to some extent just by feeding crow and cow. We are aware that children face impact of deeds of their parent. To this please observe that many times we see that wealthy and respected families have a child who is retarded or very ordinary – a misfit in the family. On the other hand, an exceptionally talented child is born in very poor and ordinary family.

If you ask- what will happen if the above mentioned practice is not followed?

Well well well ------ nothing will happen; but for your continuance of your suffering. Those who are having pitrudosh or kal-sarp yog in the horoscope, continue with the hurdles against peaceful and successful life. And an important thing to remember, the dosh or evil impact will be passed on to next generations.

The great saint Ramadas swami has quoted that there is not a single soul on the earth who is fully happy and joyful. Life consists of 50-50 percent chance of happiness and pains. It is you can decide in which aspects of life you want to happy and where you don’t mind not to be happy. It is often observed that the ones leading successful and comfortable life in a society may not be happy on a personal front. And vice versa, a person not doing so great in public life or in his career / profession, may be having contained personal life.

Hence, you are advised not to compare your life with others. Don’t try to cut line of others due to envy. Instead make efforts to increase your own line.

Be known in the society due to your noble work.

Blessings of your parents and grand-parents play a vital role. We owe much to our ancestors. The traditions of our family have to be followed in our own interest. King Dasharath and King Ram are ideal examples of compliance with family virtues. King Dasharath laid his life and Shri Ram went to the forest to fulfill the promise given by the king Dasharath to his queen. Many wonder- why only in my family there are constant quarrles, why my son/ daughter not getting married despite being so virtuous, why there are miscarriages in the family and a child is not born to any of my sons???

Answers to all these questions are given below. please do shraddha puja in pitru paksha and offer food to crow and cow. It is more than necessary for those having pitru dosh or kal-sarp yog in the horoscope.

When does Pitru paksha start?

As per Hindu dharmashastra, shradhha performed during this period releases dissatisfied souls of departed forefathers. The shraddha (श्राद्ध ) and pind daan (पिंड दान ) has to be performed on the day / तिथि of the death, as per lunar calendar.

Pitrudosh and Remedies

What is pitrudosh?

Pitrugan (पितृगण) are our forefathers in whose family we have taken the birth. We benefit by taking a birth in particular family and have certain duties towards the family as well. After the death the soul first travels to Pitrulok; then depending on how pious the karma of the soul is, it travels to surya lok or swarga lok and so on.

For better results, it is necessary that shraddha, pind daan (पिंड दान ) and necessary rituals like tripindi shraddha are performed during pitrupaksha.

Our forefathers when see that their children, grandchildren are not respecting the ancestors or not performing the rituals after death for the departed forefathers may curse the descendants. Also, if there is unnatural death in the family or if a person dies with unfulfilled desires during the lifetime; then the next generations are born with pitru dosh., i.e. the children born to this family atone for the sins of their forefathers. This is reflected in the horoscope. Pitru dosh can be a result of : planetary position in the horoscope, deeds of forefathers/ ancestors and own karma. This can cause many hurdles and suffering for the person/s.

Here are some instances, which if one is experiencing in life, indicate that the person is suffering from ‘Pitrudosh’ (पितृदोष)

  • Constant mental stress and uncertainty in life
  • See inauspicious dreams and disturbed sleep
  • Losses in business / profession
  • Obstacles and instability in career
  • Disharmony or quarrels between a married couple
  • Person remaining unmarried despite making lot of efforts to find a suitable match
  • Married couple not getting a child, a child dying when infant or miscarriages
  • Handicapped child is born
  • Children disobey parents
  • Hurdles in education
  • Not getting favourable results from puja or getting obstacles in religious functions
  • Disturbed atmosphere at home, no peace and harmony
  • Tension within the family and disharmony among siblings
  • Sickness which can’t be diagnosed and / or someone or the other person in the house is constantly sick
  • Frequent quarrels with others on small issues
  • Prolonged court matters causing lot of worries and expenses
  • Losing right of inheritance
  • Indebtedness, shortage of income to fulfill daily

If you are experiencing any of the above situations, you are having a pitru dosh.


  • If one has pitrudosh, then pitrupaksha is the best time to perform shraddha / puja at sacred place; one of which is Hrihareshwar.
  • One can chant appropriate mantra and wear rudraksha to reduce malefic effect.

Pujas at Harihareshwar Temple, Maharashtra