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  • Tirumananjeri Kalyana Sundareshwarar Temple
  • Tirumananjeri Kalyana Sundareshwarar Temple
  • Tirumananjeri Kalyana Sundareshwarar Temple
  • Tirumananjeri Kalyana Sundareshwarar Temple
  • Tirumananjeri Kalyana Sundareshwarar Temple
  • Tirumananjeri Kalyana Sundareshwarar Temple

Tirumananjeri Sri Kalyana Sundareshwarar Shiva Temple

Tirumananjeri, Nr Kumbakonam, TamilNadu
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This shrine of Shiva can be found in the village of Tirumanjeri, which is located in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. In this shrine, Lord Shiva is referred to as Kalyana Sundarareshwar as well as Arulvallalnathar, the idol of Goddess Parvathy is referred to as Kokilambal. This shrine is located at a distance of six kilometers away from the city of Kutthalam, this p0lace can be easily accessed by people, either they can take the bus and go there by road, also they can take a train, or an auto, once they want to commute from the railway station/ bus stop to the shrine.
This temple is closely linked to Lord Shiva's marriage with Goddess Parvathy. The Goddess wanted to have an earthly wedding with the Lord. The Lord granted her wish, by the construction of this shrine. Lord Shiva fought with Goddess Parvathy and put a curse on her, saying that she would transform into a cow and exist on the earth.When Lord Vishnu came to know about the fight between the couple, he wanted to do something to bring them back together and solve their fight. Lord Shiva was approached by Lord Vishnu, who asked him to reconcile with Goddess Parvathy , and he told him that Goddess Parvathy wanted to experience an earthly marriage, he further added that everything would eventually lead to that. He told Lord Vishnu to escort Goddess Parvathy to the Cauvery River, so that she could bathe in it, and doing so would result in her transforming into her original human form. After this was done, she actually did transform into her old self again. Then she was told by Lord Vishnu to go Bharata muni, who was a saint who lived at a close distance from there and to exist as his offspring. The saint then went to Lord Shiva and asked him to marry his daughter, thus Goddess Parvathy was granted her wish of having a wedding on earth.
People believe that those of marriageable age who are facing problems and are not finding a suitable match can get married easily if they visit this shrine and worship the God, in this temple. This shrine is rather huge and sprawls over a massive 3.5 acres of land. There are pictures and carvings of many Gods that can be seen the shrine, there are various Gods like- Lord Ganesh, Nataraj, Durga, Brahma, and Dakshinamurthy among others.There is also an independent temple which is built to honor Lord Vishnu, where his idol is seen with both his wives. People from different cultures and backgrounds visit this shrine to pay homage to the Lord. Spinsters and bachelors who are finding it difficult to get married come here and pray to the Lord, and after their wishes are granted and they get married, they have to come back to this shrine and offer those same garlands that they were given before, to the Lord. They have to keep those, safely, that is why.
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