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  • Tiruchendur Sendil Andavar Murugan Temple
  • Tiruchendur Sendil Andavar Murugan Temple
  • Tiruchendur Sendil Andavar Murugan Temple

Tiruchendur Sendil Andavar Murugan Temple

Thiruchendur, TamilNadu
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ThiruchendurAndavarMurugan's temple is located in Tamil Nadu, India dedicated to Lord Muruga. It is also one of the major abodes of the Kaurmaram religion.The temple counts number six among the sacred temples situated simbling the abodes, near the sea shore. The rest counted five are found in mountains. Jayantipuram is the name known for the temple in puranaor history. The temple is also known for its vast area covering location, only temple with parking slots and owes transportation of its own. Devotees visit the temple from countries with a lot offering. The temple also crowned with the tittle for having the longest devotee pathway (saanathi).This temple is one of the largest construction symbol by saints, three holy saints build up this memorial temple. Government has certificated his temple with ISO affiliation, counted fourth in certification. Only temple with rajagopura built to the western gate. The 133 feet Rajagopura built, near the shore of Bay of Bengal, the mystery confirms with the only space that calculate 200 meters giving a Devine example of Dravidian temple architect and engineering of the ancient time. The ThiruchendurAnadvarMurugan temple in Tamil Nadu is located in the eastern end of the town Thiruchendur, district of Tuticorin, TamilNadu, India. The terrain is partially a sandal mountain and sea shore.
All six temples signifies six major abodes of Lord Murga as mentioned in puranas. Thiruchendur is second in the count, the locations be notified as Arupadiveedusare :Palani(120 km west of Madurai), Swamimalai(150km east to Madurai), Thiruthani(50km from Chennani), Pazhamudircholai(10km north from Madurai),Thiruparamkunram (10km south from Madurai).
The land called VeeraMahandrapurieas ruled and capitalised bya an asura, known Surapadma. He had many boons from Lord Shiva by performing austerities and invoking him. Later he turned into an arrogant demon capturing the three world, the devas were frightened and prayed and requested, when Lord Shiva opened frontal eye giving life to a son who would kill asuras. It is said there were six sparkles that split out from the eye which landed near river gangesthrough anilthe God of fire and passed on through Himalayan lake SaravanaPoigai. At this place the flames turned into six brave babies. The babies were nurtured by Krithika. Lord Shiva and Parvati came to SaravanaPoigai fromwere the babies were handed or clasped by Godess Uma and they became Lord Arumuga with six faces and twelve arms. When the child grew up Lord Shiva asked Arumuga to destroy the asuras and free devas from cruel bondage. The destruction took in form of war, the peace maker was rejected by the ausra which assured the war, on the fifth day of war Arumuga pierced into the asuraSurapadma, who transformed into a frightful mango tree, the tree then broke into twain, the pieces of twain each collected and turned into a Peacock and which became the vahana (ride/vehicle) of Arumuga.
Through the year, festivals are celebrated in the temple. With the start of the Tamil month the New Year is celebrated, following the festival of annual festival, amavasya. This temple is known for its existence of millennia according to the purans.
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