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  • Chennimalai Subramanya Swamy Murugan Temple
  • Chennimalai Subramanya Swamy Murugan Temple
  • Chennimalai Subramanya Swamy Murugan Temple
  • Chennimalai Subramanya Swamy Murugan Temple

Chennimalai Subramanya Swamy Murugan Temple

Chennimalai,Erode, TamilNadu
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This shrine is situated at a distance of approximately 30 kilometers on the route that connects Erode to Dharampuram and at about 13 kilometers from Perundurai, in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is a hill temple where the puja and celebrations are carried out as per Karana, Kamiga and Aagama regulations by Archagas affiliated with Markandeya Gothra.
A long time ago, Nagarjuna and Vayudeva were tangled as to which of them was more important and superior than the other, so a battle was fought between them to determine their strength. When Nagarjuna hugged a mountain by the name of Mahameru and held on to it , Vayudeva reciprocated by blowing vigoruously, as a result of which the peak of Mahameru was blown away and fell at Poondurai ( Perundurai). This peak is known as Chennimalai (The head of hills).Approximately 3 miles from Chennimalai, on the banks of the river Noyyal, is a village named 'Kodunamal'. It was a prosperous, age-old trade city of its time known as Kodumanam, according to Sangam literature. This place is an important archaeological site under the supervision of The State Archaeological Department of Tamil Nadu. A survey proposes that once upon a time, this village used to be a humongous town that was ruled by a narrow minded monarch. The investigation on this subject is still continuing to expose more information.
The Temple of Chennimalai is approximately three hundred years old and offering prayers here is premeditated to be extraordinary. Punnakku Sittar, one of the 18 sittars, lived here and obtained moksha.The famous 'Sri SkandaSasti Kavacham' was started by Sri Bala Devaraya Swamigal, here. Sri Valli and Sri Deivani, both in one stone in separate temples is an exclusive facet. A speciality of this sthala, is that any childless couple that follow a 'vratha' on the sixth day from 'Shashti' are blessed with children.Decorated bulls carry the abhisheka items over 1320 steps for the regular abhisekam of the Moolavar, which is a highlight of this temple.This temple has 'Maamanga Theertha', a stream that unquestionably spills over, once in every twelve years. Followers of Chennimalai Andavar look for the approval via 'Sirasupoo uttaravu' before important events like marriages, dealing with property, starting businesses and abide by God's orders. If the response is positive, they happily proceed with that event, if the response is negative then they do not go ahead with the same.
There are a number of pujas that are performed here like the Neivedhaya coconut puja, milk and curd abhiseka, vahana puja, sirasu puja, special darshan, marriage function, ear piercing function and the chariot puja , to name a few. Rates may vary according to the type of puja that one may wish to perform. Items like coconuts, flowers, fruits, devotional CDs, ghee are sold by retail shops. Devotees get laddus, murukkus, milagu vadais and adirasam in the form of Prasad.
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