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  • Tiruvanaikaval Jambukeshwarar Temple-Tiruvanaikaval
  • Tiruvanaikaval Jambukeshwarar Temple-Tiruvanaikaval

Tiruvanaikaval Jambukeshwarar Temple

Tiruvanaikaval, TamilNadu, One Year [12 Months] Nithya Puja/Shashwatha Puja/Kattalai Puja
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The TiruvanaikavalJambukeshwararis a Shiva Templethat is located in Tiruvanaikaaval,Trichy, TamilNadu. Itis one among the five natural elements that is known as PanchabhootaSthalams. This temple is also worshipped as 'AppuSthalam' and the Shiva Lingam is known as 'AppuLinga'. The temple was constructed by one of the early cholas, named as Kocengannan (KochengaChola), 1,800 years ago.
According to the Hindu mythological scriptures, the Devi Parvatimortified her in the Jambu forest in the incarnation as Devi Akilandeswari. She has made Shiva lingam by taking water from River Cauvery and placed it under the tree, Venn Naaval. Later she began worshipping Lord Shiva, by which Shiva is pleased and give her his darshan. He later taught her Shiva Gnana. The Lord Shiva stood facing west and Devi Akilandeswari faced towards East while taking Upadesa. Therefore, the temple is also known as UpadesaSthalam. As the Devi Akilandeswari has worshipped Lord Shiva, hence now also the priests worship the Lord Jambukeswara and the holy Cow during noon by dressing like female. The worship is performed in the Temple by bringing a particular breed of cow, KaramPasu for puja. No marriages are performed in this temple as the Devi Akilandeswari has worshipped Lord Shiva as a student to take the lessons.
The story starts with the love of Lord Brahmma to a woman he has created himself, thus getting sthreedosha. To relieve Brahmma from dosha, Lord Shiva left the Kailash Mount. Seeing him, Goddess Parvati asked the Lord to take her company. As the Lord Shiva refused saying about the weak side of Brahmma towards women, Devi Parvati suggested Lord Shiva that she would go in men's dress and lord may follow her in this form. Lord Shiva agreed and they both went as disguise. They both appeared in front of Brahmma and forgive him. As the prayer is offered to both Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati hence no hyms were played. The Devi Parvati is worshipped as Devi Akilandeswari- Protector and Ruler of the world. This place is also one of the Shakti Peetha.
As the Devi Akilandeswari has worshipped Lord Shiva during midday, hence the priest also worshiped Lord Shiva by dressing like female and wears Ambika crown. The devotees worship the priest by resembling them as the Devi Ambika. The mythological scriptures say that the Devi Ambika worshipped Lord in the month of Aadi (July-August); hence the Friday is celebrated grandly. The temple is open from 2.00 am to 12.00 am on Friday. The Devi Ambika is dressed like Mahalakshmi in morning, later Parvathi in afternoon and at last Saraswati in the evening. As the story is about student Parvati worshipping Teacher Lord Shiva, hence more students worship in this temple. The Lord Jambukeswarstatue haswindows having nine holes through which the devotees worship the Lord. These nine holes represent the nine outlets of the body.The sanctum sanctorum of Lord Jambukeswara has a stone window with nine holes, through which the devotees worship the Lord. These nine holes of the window symbolize the nine outlets in the human body