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  • Tiruchengode Ardhanareeshwarar Temple
  • Tiruchengode Ardhanareeshwarar Temple
  • Tiruchengode Ardhanareeshwarar Temple
  • Tiruchengode Ardhanareeshwarar Temple
  • Tiruchengode Ardhanareeshwarar Temple
  • Tiruchengode Ardhanareeshwarar Temple

Tiruchengode Ardhanareeshwarar Shiva Temple

Tiruchengode,Namakkal, TamilNadu
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This Shivasthalam is located 18 Kms from Deteriorate and 32 Kms from Namakkal. Bus features are available from Deteriorate, Salem and Namakkal to go to Tiruchengode. In historical times, Tiruchengode was known as Thirukodimaadachenkundrur - one of the ancient locations in Tamil Nadu. It was also recognized as Thiruchengottankudi Nageswaram. It untemples the Ardhanareeswarar (man-woman) expression of Shiva, comprising the oneness of Shiva and Parvati, is untempled in this recognized mountain temple of excellent importance, available by a motorable road; this is an historical temple described in the Tamil perform, Silappadikaram as Neduvelkunru. The red shade of the mountain is the purpose that it was known as Chengode. The picture above reveals the perspective of the place from the top of the Tiruchengode Mountain. This temple is considered as the 4th of the 7 Tevara Stalams in the Kongu Region of Tamil Nadu.
It is believed that the area where the temple now prevails was a swampy and dirty place which was known as "Nallishwara Madam Vayal". A great sage worshipped here for decades and several heavenly traditions were conducted in those days. It is also considered that hundreds of years ago a temple known as "Naalliswara Kshetram" persisted there. According to the "Deiva Prasshnam" carried out in the temple property in 1977, it is documented as:- 'From the historical time, hundreds of years ago, an excellent temple popular for its elegant culture in maintaining the traditions and heavenly traditions, persisted here.
This Temple is on the top of a mountain and is red in shade. One has to take 1206 steps to arrive at the top of the mountain to worshipp God Shiva-Ardanareeshwarar. Vehicles and cabs are also facilitated to reach this temple. The Rajgopuram is 5 tiered; 260 inches long and 16 inches breath. The history of the temple goes back to the sangam period and remodeled during the times of pandyas, chollas and the nayak kings. An English official, Davis, fixed some areas of temple. We can see his representation in Mukootu Vinayaga Temple. Thirugnanasambandar wrote 'Thiruneelakanta Pathigam' and Arunagirinadar is considered to have published 'Tirupugalh' in this temple.
There is little temple for Pandeeshwarar on the mountain. Individuals provide cradles and pray for child boon. On the way to shrine, the 60th step of the temple is regarded as the step of Loyalty and truth that is sathiyapadi. Whenever people had issues and conflicts among them, one who was prepared to tell the fact honestly from this position was regarded as an honest and sincere person; his proof performed important part in providing rights in those times. Pasuvan Swami draws many villagers and peasants. They provide dairy, curd and butter to the losr in an in-depth perception that this would came back in abundance. Many individuals who have Naga dosham provide abishehams to Adhiseshan with kumkum and turmeric extract. It is usually regarded that they are endowed with marriage.
The temple is devoted to God Muruga. It draws more enthusiasts. Many devotees name their children as Lord Murugan's name- Sengothuvelan. A typical name which we can come across in Namakkal and Erode Full Moon days and New Moon days attract many enthusiasts to the temple. Vaikasi is an essential 30 days. Aradhanareeswarar comes down to the city. The city would wear joyful look and individuals come from all over the Kongu area throughout these days for the dharshan of god. However several festivals are celebrated as there are several other deities like Adi Kesava Perumal, Pandeeswaran ,Sengottuvelan and Sakthi. Girivalam is also becoming popular.
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