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  • Puja For Rajayogam (Royal Life)-Chidambaram Tillai Mariammam
  • Puja For Rajayogam (Royal Life)-Chidambaram Tillai Mariammam

Chidambaram Tillai Mariammam Tillai Kaliammam Devi Temple

Puja For Rajayogam (Royal Life), Chidambaram, TamilNadu
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Rajayogam is a form of pooja which invokes the planets and pray to them to change positions such that good results are obtained in one's life. The position of the planets is the main cause of one's situation on earth. The planets form the Navagraha's which hold a significant position in one's. In this pooja one begins by worshipping Lord Ganesh offering him flowers and modak to seek his blessings to overcome any obstacles which comes in the path. Then the navagraha's are invited and are worshipped as per the rules written in the Vedas. After completion of the pooja, aarti is done which is coupled with hymns and chants. All those who perform this puja are blessed with a royal life.
Mariammam Tillai Kaliammam Devi Temple is an ancient temple which is believed to have been built during the 13th century. It is located in the city of Chidambaran in the Cuddapore district of Tamil Nadu. This ancient temple forms a major part of the religious tourist spots in the state. The presiding deity is Maa Kali and hence the name of the temple is Tillai Kaliammam Devi. The temple is considered to be very sacred in Hindu religion. The idol of Goddess Thillai Kali is represented here with four faces. The four faces represent the four Vedas of the Hindu culture. Another unique fact about this temple is that Lord Dakshina murthy is represented here in a female form. This is the specialty of the temple as such a female form of the lord is found in this temple. Pujas performed on the full moon nights are considered very auspicious. Rajayogam is performed in this temple by highly knowledgeable priests who have well depth knowledge of the Vedas. They are abreast with all the norms and procedures of the Pooja, ensuring fruitful results. One can approach the priests and also pre book them for particular occasions. Rajayogam is a sacred ritual which induces manifold benefits in a man's life. Health, wealth and prosperity are the three pillars which are the evident results of this pooja. Apart from this one also receives huge success in the educational as well as in the field of business. Couples have been blessed with offspring's, people have won over their enemies and other miraculous tasks has been achieved by those who have undertaken the pooja of Rajayogam with full devotion and dedication.
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