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  • Kodumudi Sri Brahma Temple

Kodumudi Sri Brahma Temple

Kodumudi,Erode, TamilNadu
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Lord Brahmma has three faces in this temple against four attributed to him. Vanni Tree is supposed to be His fourth face. Sages Agasthya and Bharadwaja had Lord Shiva's wedding darshan here. Nagar worship (serpent worship) is popular here as the divine serpent Adisesha was for instrumental for the coming up of the temple.
A competition arose between Adisesha and Vayu the God of Winds about their might. They put the Meru mount at a centre which was tightly held by Adisesha. Vayu blew with all velocity to push Adisesha. Meru split into seven pieces, each as a Gem Shivalinga. The diamond piece fell in Kodumudi.
This is a place for Naga worship. Majority of the devotees come here seeking relief from adverse effects of serpent planets.
Historians are not able to estimate the age of the Vanni tree of the temple. It is too ancient. If a leaf of the tree is put in a pot of water, the purity lasts for years. Those carrying Theertha Kavadi –Water Pots-to Palani for Panguni Uthiram (March-April) festival place this leaf in the water pots.
11 day Chithirai Tirunal festival in April-May is the main festival of the temple. Devotee crowd will be huge on the Aadi Perukku day in July-August. Special Pujas are performed in the temple on new moon, full moon days and on Pradosha days-13th day of new moon or full moon days, a day of great importance for Lord Shiva worship.
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