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  • Pushkar Jagatpitha Brahma Temple
  • Pushkar Jagatpitha Brahma Temple
  • Pushkar Jagatpitha Brahma Temple
  • Pushkar Jagatpitha Brahma Temple

Pushkar Sri Jagatpitha Brahma Temple Pushkar Rajasthan

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For a Hindu devotee one of the most sacred places to visit to the temple of Lord Brahma is a must. Lord Brahma is the God of Creation. He is the Supreme and the most dynamic one who created the whole universe. A very famous temple dedicated to Lord Brahma is the Sri Jagapitha Brahma Temple in Rajasthan. Located in Pushkar, a town that twists around a holy lake this temple is a glorious and an eminent destination. A visit to this sacred place is greatly suggested to one and all.
Sri Jagatpitha Brahma Temple is a glorious and a very ancient one. The current construction of the temple is dated around the 14th century whereas the origin if it was 2000 years ago. It is believed that sage Vishwamitra built this temple after Brahma's Yagna. Also Lord Brahma himself was the one to choose the venue of the temple. The presiding deity of the temple is Lord Brahma along with his second consort Gayatri. This temple is an excellent example of exemplary artwork and ancient architecture. Situated on an elevated structure one has to take a flight of marble steps leading to an entrance passage to reach the Mandappa and then the sanctum of the temple. The two most remarkable parts of this temple are the red shikara or the spire of the temple and the hamsa i.e a swan or a goose which considered to be the mount of Lord Brahma.
Looking at the idol of Lord Brahma in this temple one gets a feeling of deep sanctity and peace as huge idol of the deity is seen in a seated lotus position in as if mediating about creation of the universe. The idol has four hands and four faces. Each of the 4 hands holding kusha grass, a book, a water pot and a rosary. This is a temple that is not only visited by pilgrims, devotees and tourists but also the holy sages all over India.
A unique fact about this temple is that married men are not allowed to enter the sanctum to worship the Lord, even all the rituals or the poojas that are performed are only done by the Sanyasis.This temple is one of the very few temples which are dedicated to Lord Brahma.
There are lots of festivals that are celebrated with great enthusiasm and high spirits. The most prominent of these is the Pushkara Jatra in the Karthiki month of the Hindu calendar. This festival begins on the Poornima i.e. the bright fortnight of October-November month. There is a huge fair organized in Pushkar as a part of this festival. Various exclusive and traditional items like jewelry, artwork etc. is sold in this fair. A recognized attraction of the Puskhara jatra is the camel fair. Thus beautifully located near the divine Pushkar Lake this divine destination of Sri Jagatpitha Brahma Temple is certainly a great place to visit for everyone.
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