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  • Kanchi Singa Perumal NarasimhaSwamy Temple
  • Kanchi Singa Perumal NarasimhaSwamy Temple
  • Kanchi Singa Perumal NarasimhaSwamy Temple
  • Kanchi Singa Perumal NarasimhaSwamy Temple
  • Kanchi Singa Perumal NarasimhaSwamy Temple

Kanchi Singa Perumal NarasimhaSwamy Temple

Kanchipuram Tamilnadu
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Kanchi Singa Perumal NarasimhaSwamy Temple is situated atop the hill of “'Padalathri". Lord Narsimha idol is situated in a cave. It is embedded on the rock, and it is not possible to see the backside of it. Hence, people have to take a Parikrama (going around the mountain) to get blessings of the lord. It is known as Girivalam in the local language. The idol is in a special posture known as Yoga posture. People believe that Lord appeared in front of Maharshi (the sage) Jabali. Entire temple and deity are carved in a single stone, and that is the supreme specialty of this temple. Historic references say that the temple was constructed during the regime of Pallavas.
This ancient temple has been known for a great festival held in the month of Caikasi (typically in the month of April or May). Thousands of devotees stand in queues patiently to have a glimpse of Lord Narsimha Swamy. It is one of the “Avtara” of Lord Vishnu for destroying Hiranya Kashyapu, a devil king. It is believed that Lord Narsimha got settled at this place after killing him. This ancient temple is said to be more than 2000 years old. The beautiful idol of Lord has three eyes (the third one is very sacred). People come from various places to have Darshan and to get the benefit of various religious activities during the period. The ceremony starts with flag hoisting (Dwaja Arohana) on the ninth day of Vaikasi month. Punya Koti Vimanam is the first event of the program. The temple and the village are decorated during the special occasion. Everybody's heart is filled with joy and devotion during the period.Gaja Vahanam at the temple is quite popular among devotees. In the sweet tunes of Nadaswaram, procession reaches to the special Manadapam where Gaja Vahanam is placed. People dance and express their affection and respect to the god. Lord is left with all respect and placed to the special Vahanam. The process is known as Pathi Ulathi. Each day, a different Vahanam carries the lord gracefully and majestically. There used to be a huge chariot or Ratham in the olden days. It got destroyed in a fire many years ago. Now another chariot is being processed. A special idol is carried for the procession, and it is well-adorned with costumes, jewellery and flowers. Temples in South India are beautifully decorated and carved with beautiful sculptures. The temple opens early in the morning at 7.00 AM and is open till 11.30 AM. It remains closed till 4.30PM and is open till 8.30PM. Daily thousands of people visit the temple. At the time of Brahmotsavam the number increases phenomenally. Devotees come to this place not only from nearby villages, but from the entire state (and even the country). Various rituals are performed during the event, and people celebrate it with great joy and enthusiasm. Lord Narsimha blesses each devotee and fulfills his or her wish!
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