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  • Kalighat Kali Devi Temple
  • Kalighat Kali Devi Temple
  • Kalighat Kali Devi Temple
  • Kalighat Kali Devi Temple
  • Kalighat Kali Devi Temple

Calcutta Kalighat Kali Devi Temple

Kalighat Kolkata West Bengal
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The Calcutta Kalighat Kali Devi Temple- Kalighat Kolkata West Bengal is famous all over the world as a renowned shrine where lots of devotees throng every year. It is situated in Kalighat in Kolkata. You will easily be able to reach the temple by local means of transport from the city.
We also hear that a devotee saw a bright ray of light coming from the Bhagirathi River. On locating the light he came across a piece of stone which was in the form of a human toe. Close to this place, he also came across Nakuleshwar Bhairav's Svayambhu Lingam. On installing the images in a small temple, he began to worship them in the forest. The present edifice of the temple was constructed about 200 years ago. In 1809, it was Sabarna Roy Chowdhury who built the temple. Many a times the temple has also been linked in the texts of Mansar Bhasan of the 15th century. Raja Basanta Roy was the one who built the original temple. He was the uncle of Pratapaditya and the King of Jessore which is in Bangladesh. You will be able to see the original temple on the banks of Hooghly. Previously, the, traders used to take a stop at Kalighat to pay their obeisance to Goddess Kali. The temple is located on the banks of Adi Ganga and it has a sanctum sanctorum in the company of a huge hall which is also known as the Nat Mandir. In the north-east, you will be able to come across a Shiva Temple. You will not come across any more shrines dedicated to Radha Krishna. It is the image of Goddess Kali in which the main attraction of this temple lies as it bears a long protruded tongue made out of gold. Goddess Kali occupies the main shrine. You will get to see an incomplete image of the goddess. Initially the face of the goddess was made and later on the tongue and hands were made of gold and silver which were added to the image. During 'Snan Yatra' or the Bathing Ceremony) the priests cover their eyes with cloth strips, while they give a bath to the Goddess.
This temple has an important religious place for the followers of Hinduism. Legend tells us that different body parts of Sati fell on the earth when self-sacrifice was taking place. Story tells us that the right toe of Sati fell here and it was for this reason that the temple was erected to honor Goddess Kalika. She is also the presiding deity in the Kalighat Temple . The Goddess Kali is considered to be a very complex goddess of the Hindu pantheon. She has mainly been shown in a fearful form. She is known as the destroyer and also as the liberator. In her wrathful form, Goddess Kali is worshipped by thousand of devotees, who come all the way from distant parts of India and the World. The temple wears a festive look when devotees visit it.
Festivals such as Durga Puja, Kali Puja, the Bengali New Year day, Poila Boishakh and Sankranti witness huge number of devotees at the temple with offerings.
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