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  • Kadir Narasingaperumal Narasimha Temple-Reddiarchathram
  • Kadir Narasingaperumal Narasimha Temple-Reddiarchathram
  • Kadir Narasingaperumal Narasimha Temple-Reddiarchathram
  • Kadir Narasingaperumal Narasimha Temple-Reddiarchathram

Kadir Narasingaperumal Narasimha Swamy Temple

Reddiarchathram, Dindigul, TamilNadu
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This holy place is situated at Devarmalai and is about Two Thousand years old. This temple is 35KM far from Karur in Tamilnadu, India. It is said that the sanctuary is renovated during time of Naicker and Pandya Empire. It is not only a place of worship but also a tourist place as well.The Abhaya and Aghavana Hasthams are present with the Sri Kadir Narasinga Perumal includes with his third eye placed on his forehead which in other terms known as “Tri Nethra”.
According to the archaeologies this holy place is about Two Thousand years old. There some other important deities present over here are Sri Kadir Narasinga Perumal and Sri Kamalavalli Thayar, etc. which is situated at the Easinia Moola. It is said that the lord Narshima resides to the south, at Devarmalai . Initially this place was known as Devarmari (The word “Mari” in tamil means to intercept) so it got changed to “Malai” and now came to be known as “Devarmalai”.
The renovations of the ancient temple are a miracle indeed due to different reasons. The lord Narshima had appeared to a doctor who leaved in Karur in his dreams by showing up his position about 5 years back. He had witnessed this miracle along with his family members, the lord with his left eye coloured in the light of the arathi by an old archaker. Looking at this miracle the doctor and his family members were astonished to see the same murthi with a silver coloured kanmalar of his left eyes in the same position, when he had happened to visit the same temple for the first time after a period of one week. This was the first significant incident which had taken place. The another significant incident which took place was about 3 years back, where one devotee went in search of this same temple, He was guided by a bird (Garuda) to the temple. Then after when the people came to know about this incident in the publications “Kumudam Jothidam”, the renovation process of the temple was planned under the noble guidance of Thiru A.M.R
There are various types of poojas and arthis which are organized at different times in the temple. In 2007, The Maha Santhi and Maha Sudarsana pujas were conducted by a group of swamis who were headed by the swami of Arulmigu Narasimha sanctuary, called N.R. Venkatasesha Battachar. Palalayam is another homam which was conducted in 2008, which by a group of swamis who were headed by Thiru. N.R. Venkatasesha Battachar as per agams sasthras. We feel very much proud and gifted as many of the Acharyas and Swamijis have visited this temple of ours and blessed us. By the elegance of lord narshima , Samprokshanam was conducted by the group headed by Thiru N.R. Venkatshesha bata of namakal with great manner, which took place in 2011. Around 1000 devotees from all over the word came to witness this wonderful occasion. The lord Narshima filled the air as the garuda appeared and hovered in the sky on the permual and thayar vimanam in extreme height as holy water was sprinkled over the kalasam.
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