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  • Thiruvathigai Sayana Narasimhar & Sara Narayanan Temple
  • Thiruvathigai Sayana Narasimhar & Sara Narayanan Temple

Thiruvathigai Sayana Narasimhar & Sara Narayanan Temple

Thiruvadigai, Panruti,Cuddalore, TamilNadu
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Located at a distance of 3kms East of Panruti, off the Cuddalore turnpike, is the Sara Narayanan holy temple in Thiru Vathigai, a holy temple whose history retreats thousands of years. An apt textual reference can be found to the Thiru Pura Vathigai in the Brahmmanda Puranam. Brahmma is believed to have bestowed, with Sage Narada, the significance of Lord Sara Narayanan of Thiru Vathigai. It is one of the 274 shivalayams in the nation and is known for its awesome nature and the swarm of devotees it draws in. The holy temple is packed as the year progressed.
Lord Narasimha in his specific Sayana Kolam is here that is never seen in any other Vishnu holy temple. This holy temple is visited by Thiru Kovilur God Ulagalanda Perumal once in year, on the eve of Maasi Madham to meet Lord Thiru Vathigai Narayanan. For Thiru Pura Samhaaram, Shiva was given with bow by Lord Vishnu. For this reason, Lord Narasimha is insinuated at Thiru Vathigai holy temple also known Sara Narayanan.
Here you can specifically see with unparalleled Thaayar and in another specific Kalyana Kolam. Rishi Markandeya, who was the Lord's father in law, is seen close by Sara Narayanan and the Thaayar. It is written in mythology that Arjun visited this holy temple at the very end of the war written about in the Mahabaratha. Rishi Ved Vyas in his depiction implies Arjuna's report 'Thiruvathigai Kanden'. A couple of conduits, seen at this holy temple, point to redesigning of this holy temple in the midst of the Pallava rule. The devotion, vitality and interest showed by the father and youngster pastors in orchestrating the festivals and moreover keeping the holy temple alive and well are significantly excellent.
Lord Narasimha is seen in a Sleeping Posture going up against south. It is acknowledged that Lord Narasimha came here tired after a battle with Vakrasuran and executing him, and is said to have taken rest. Hence he is seen in a Sayana Kolam. Reference to this can be seen in Narasinga Puranam. This is the fundamental holy temple where Narasimha can be prayed to whilst in a resting carriage.
An as of late assembled Kannadi Arai is a substitute interest at this holy temple. Swathi Nakshatram/ Prathosham- There are remarkable Thirumanjanam at this holy temple and a Paanagam Aarathanai. One of the tremendous unique festivals taking place at the Thiru Vathigai Sara Narayanan holy temple is the festivals in the auspicious time of Puratasi. Within a month, there is an auspicious Ghee lamp Utsavam and Saara Narayanan gives darshan much the same as Srinivasa Perumal of Tirupathi. Also, a one day Brahmotsavam in Puratasi is afestival to experience at this holy temple. The alankarams for the Lord in the midst of the Puratasi festival is an inconceivable display. Different festivals at this holy templeare Margazhi Adhyana Utsavam, Ratha Sapthami and Panguni Uthiram Serthi.
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