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  • Tiruvelvikudi Sri Kalyana Sundareshwarar Temple
  • Tiruvelvikudi Sri Kalyana Sundareshwarar Temple
  • Tiruvelvikudi Sri Kalyana Sundareshwarar Temple
  • Tiruvelvikudi Sri Kalyana Sundareshwarar Temple

Tiruvelvikudi Sri Kalyana Sundareshwarar Shiva Temple

Thiruvelvikudi, Nr Kumbakonam, TamilNadu
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The shrine of Kalyana Sundareshwarar can be found in Tiruvelvikudi, which is found in the district of Nagapattinam, in the state of Tamil Nadu, which is found in India.
Goddess Parvathy was the daughter of a saint named Bharata, and she was born in the village of Kuthalam which was found at a close distance from Tiruvelvikudi. The Goddess apparently meditated for consecutive sixteen Mondays so that she could get married to the great Lord Shiva. She erected a ling, which was made entirely of sand, before she started her meditation. After the sixteen Mondays were over and it was the seventeenth one, Lord Shiva came to Goddess Parvathy, he came in the avatar of Manavaleshwarar and told her that he would marry her, for sure. After this, arrangements for the rituals to be carried out were made for the grand wedding, in which Brahma was the head pastor, according to the Tamilian Velvi. Because of this, this place came to be christened as Tiruvelvikudi. People from countries all over the world, come here and pay homage to this shrine and the Lord. Devotees believe that the Lord grants all their wishes. This shrine is rather beautiful and no words are enough to describe its beauty and magnificence! Sages who belong to the Saiva sect have praised the place in their songs. A princess was all set to marry a prince in this place, but tragically, her mother and father passed away before the wedding could take place, the princess was heartbroken and negated the wedding. The prince, who loved her immensely was crushed and prayed to Lord Shiva, asking him for his help, so that he could marry her. Lord Shiva sent a good ghost to acquire the princess, she was brought there and the marriage, between the prince and the princess finally took place. People also believe that this is the same place where a sage by the name of Sundarar took a holy dip in the reservoir named Agni and after that he was alleviated of the disease that was plaguing him. Legend has it that the great Lord Shiva also presented his partial identity to Shakti, here.
The idol of Lord Shiva which can be found in this shrine is said to have been manifested by itself, therefore it is referred to as swayambu, and it is not a man-made idol. The idol faces the eastern direction and the devotees of the Lord come from near and far to worship his swayambu idol.
There are two commemorations which are organized in this shrine. Mahashivratri is the greatest, vital festival which is celebrated in this shrine, it is celebrated on a grand scale during the months of February and March and people take part in the celebrations with a lot of pomp and in high spirits. Moreover, the festival by the name of panguni uthuram is also celebrated in this shrine during the summer months of March and April.
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