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  • Kumaravayalur Sri Murugan Temple
  • Kumaravayalur Sri Murugan Temple
  • Kumaravayalur Sri Murugan Temple
  • Kumaravayalur Sri Murugan Temple
  • Kumaravayalur Sri Murugan Temple

Kumaravayalur Sri Murugan Temple

Vayalur,Nr Trichy, TamilNadu
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The temple of Kumara Vayalur, usually referred to by Vayalur,is a renowned temple devoted to Lord Muruga. It is situated in the city of Tiruchirappalli, which is located in the state of Tamil Nadu, in India. In order to reach here, you can use public transport- you can either come by bus or by train, or air. On reaching the railway station, you can either take a bus that will drop you till the temple. People who are travelling by air, can reach the Thiruchirappalli airport, and from there they can avail of the bus facility, or any another mode of road transport, to get to the temple. It is found at a distance of nine kilometres, from the city of Thiruchirappalli, and people from all over the world are said to flock the place, to seek the blessings of their Lord Muruga.
This shrine was constructed by the emperors belonging to the Chola dynasty during the ninth century. According to some twenty inscriptions, those that have been found on the ramparts of the shrine, there is proof that goes to say that the emperors belonging to the Chola dynasty, as well as other dynasties have donated generously to the temple. The donations serve to meet the costs of decorating the idols of the God with beautiful pieces of jewellery, and providing lamps for that are used during the time of puja.
The village of Valayaur is rather beautiful as it is encompassed by lavish fields of rice and tall, shade giving coconut trees. The shrine itself faces the east. One can enter inside this shrine, through an entryway that belongs to Rajagopuram, and it will lead you to the interior area of the temple. The Rajagopuram, that is rather humongous, comprises of courtyards, five in number, and in the south eastern direction, one can find a holy reservoir, in which devotees bathe, which is called Sakhti Theertham. It is believed that this reservoir was constructed by the Lord himself, using his spear, the Velayutham. As one sets foot inside the shrine, the Vanni Tree comes into the picture, and epitaphs portraying Kandapuranam can be seen on the walls of the pillared hall, the mandapam. As one moves ahead, Lord Ganesha's shrine, the Balipeedam, the flag pole and a figurine of Nandhi, that faces Lord Athinathar's altar. Also, seen in the second temple, is an idol of Goddess Athinayaki that faces the south. The temple of Lord Subramanya, can be found behind Lord Siva's shrine. The idol is seen with both of his wives Deivayanai, as well as Sri Valli, all the three idols are seen stranding and giving darshan to the devotees. Their vehicle, the peacock, is seen next to them, watching Deivayanai. It is referred to as Devendra mayil, and this figurine is uncommon. In this temple, pujas are performed only after the Lord has worshipped his mother and his father; hence, Siva is also referred to by KumaraPoojithanathar.The idol of Surya is seen with his wives, who are all standing. People believe that if they seek the blessings of the Lord, they will be cured of the problems, which have risen because of their planetary positions. The idol of Nataraja, seen here, is rather unique; he stands in the Chathura Thandava, and has no feet.
The festival of Tamil New year is celebrated in the month of Chitrai, during the month of Vaigasi, the car festival is celebrated that lasts for twelve days. Navaratri is celebrated during the month of Puratasi, besides others.
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