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  • Goa Mangueshi Temple
  • Goa Mangueshi Temple
  • Goa Mangueshi Temple

Goa Mangueshi Shiva Temple

Mangueshi, Goa
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Shree Mangeshi sanctuary is situated at Mangeshi rural community in Preol, Ponda taluk, Goa. It is a detachment of 1 mile away from Mardol close to Naguishe, 21 miles from Panaje the main city of Goa, and 26 miles away from Madgao. This sanctuary is one of the biggest and most oftently visited sanctuary in Goa. In the year 2011, the sanctuary along with others in the area instituted a dress code on visitors of the sanctuary.
This sanctuary had its beginning in Kushasthale Cortalem, a rural community in Salcete which fell to the hands of Portuguese in 1543. In 1560, the Portuguese begin with the Christian renovation in Salcete talukha, the Saraswat of Vatsa Gotre enthused the Mangesh Ling from the unique site at the Kushasthale or Cortalem on the depository of river Aghanasheni to its present location at Mangeshi in Preol rural community of Atrunja Talukha, which was then governed by the Hindu emperors of Sondi of Antruj Mahal (Ponda), to be more secure. Since the time of the shifting, the temple has been rebuilt and renovated twice during the reign of the Marathas and yet another time in the year 1890. The final renovation occurred in the year 1973 when a golden Kalash was fitted at the top of the tallest dome of the temple. The innovative site was a very easy formation, and the present formation was build under Maratha rule, around one fifty years later it had been shifted to. The Peshwas bestowed the rural community of Mangeshe to the sanctuary in the year 1739 on the request of their in charge, Shree Ramchandra Malhar Sukhtankhar, who was a staunch follower of Shree Mangesh. Incongruously, after a few years later it was constructed, this region too falls into Portuguese region in the year 1763, but now, the Portuguese have misplaced their primary spiritual enthusiasm and had become quite liberal of other casts, and so, this construction remained intact. The Mangesh Ling is said to be sacred on the mount of Mangiresh on the depository of river Bhagirathe by almighty Brahma, from where the Sara swat Brahmins carried it to Trihotrapure in Bihar. They brought the lingum to Gomantak and got settled at Mathagruma, the current Madgoa, institute their most holy and prehistoric sanctuary of Mangesh on the depositories of the river Gomate or Zuare as it is known today.
The Shiva Ling is praised three times a day first in the morning, then afternoon and evening. Shodshopcher pujas, namely Abhishek, Laghurudr and Maharhudra are carried on every day in the sunup is pursued by Maha-Aarte at noon. Panchopchur pooja is pursued by Aarte is carried on every night and day. Monday is the day or the festival. On this day deities of the almighty is been took out, before the Aarte at night, for a march in Palakhe attended by music. The yearly celebrations include - Ramanavame, Akshaya Tritiya, Anant Vritotsava, Dussera, and Diwali. The 3 day jatra of Shree Mangesh takes place in the plentiful sanctuary in the Ponda region which depicts gigantic and colourful mob.
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