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  • Surya Bhagawan Temple (Sun Temple)
  • Surya Bhagawan Temple (Sun Temple)
  • Surya Bhagawan Temple (Sun Temple)
  • Surya Bhagawan Temple (Sun Temple)
  • Surya Bhagawan Temple (Sun Temple)

Surya Bhagawan Temple (Sun Temple)

Suryanaar Kovil,Nr Kumbakonam, TamilNadu
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The well known Sun God Temple tucked within Arasavalli Community which can be at a distance of around 1 km east connected with Srikakulam Village Region head sectors in the North Coastal Andhra Pradesh. All along with two Sun God shrines in our Nation, this is one of the prehistoric. As per Padmapuranam, the Idol of Surya at Arasavalli was installed by Sage Kasyapa for the wellbeing of mankind.
Inside Ramayan, Soorya is referred to as father of the Double Sugriva, who served Rama and also Lakshmana with beating the particular demon Ravana. This individual likewise educates Hanuman. The actual Suryavanshi empire of kings, Rama is amongst them.Inside the Vedas, Suriya is usually called "the attention connected with Mitra, Varuna, in addition to Agnhi" (RV 6.51.1, RV 1.115.1 RV 7.63.1, WYV 4.35, WYV 7.42, AV 13.2.35, WYV 13.46). Lord Surya can also be considered as the eye of Virat Purusha (God Shree Krishna's Wide-spread Form).Throughout Vedic astrology Soorya is regarded the moderate malefic due to the warm, dry character. Surya symbolizes soul, fame, will-power, the eyes, courage, general vitality, father, kingship, authority and highly placed persons. He's exalted within the indication Mesha, mulatrikona within the indication Simha & is throughout debilitation within the indication Tula. Soorya is usually the master of the few nakshatras as well as lunar mansions: Uttara Phalguni, Krittika as well as Uttara Ashada. Soorya is associated with: the colors red or copper, the metals brass or gold, gemstone ruby, direction east plus the period regarding summer time. The foodstuff hemp related to him is usually rice.
Consequently, the actual Surya is associated with Kasyapasa Gotra. He is additionally referred to as planetary King. According to the ' Sthalapuranam ' of the temple, Lord Devendra identified that temple and set up the present idol of the Sun God popularly known as Lord suryanarayana Swamy Varu beneath subsequent circumstances.It is stated in the list of inscriptions obtained in this particular temple that it had been built in the leadership of Kulottunga Choladeva (AD 1060-1118) and had been named Kulottungachola-Marttandalaya.Lord Shiva, happy about the loyalty absolved these people in their sins and also decried that it will have nine sannadhis for the navagrahas within the Suryanar temple (this is the merely shrine where the many navagrahas exist with different sannadhis) the ones exactly who hope below could possibly get getting rid of the problems.
Ratha Saptami is the most important festival which will be celebrated in this temple. It is the festival of Lord Surya Narayana Swamy, famed inside thirty days of Feb or perhaps March and deemed as birth day of God Surya. This very day is actually also referred to as Surya Jayanti.It is just an idea which our State switches into lighting via darkness out of this morning every year. The winter season ceases & early spring time will begin. Our bodies will have an element reaction with the sun energy and we become healthy.
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