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  • Tirukattupalli Subramanya Swamy Temple
  • Tirukattupalli Subramanya Swamy Temple
  • Tirukattupalli Subramanya Swamy Temple

Tirukattupalli Subramanya Swamy Temple

Thirukattupalli,Tanjore, TamilNadu
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Tirukattupalli Subramanya Swamy temple is situated at 12 kms from Madurai city, Tamil Nadu. Avvayyar, a Tamil Poetess was valued for her ethical and moral wisdom, had darshan of The Lord Muruga at this place. It is also one of the 6 sacred temple complexes or Arupadaiveedu (six major abodes) of Kaumaram belief. It's the single one amongst the 6 holy temple structures to be placed close to the sea coast. The remaining five are positioned in mount section. The puranic (ancient) name for this holy place is Jayanthipuram. It's the most visited temple complex amongst others as well as largest temple complexes (by area) in India.
The Dutch occupied Tiruchendur temple for few decades around the 17th century and even took some statues from the shrine. Accordin to the legend, the statue of Arumuga Peruman was taken away from their ship. The Dutch got scared due to the unexpected storm and threw away the statue in the ocean. Vadamalaiyappa Pillai, a passionate follower of God Muruga, a perspective of the statue's position was seen in his desire. Instantly, he and some other enthusiasts hurried to the location where as predicted in his desire, a sailing lemon and flying Garuda was spotted over the location. They retrieved the sculpture by diving into the ocean. The shrine was initially designed on the coral reefs' sandstone on the seaside, but because of deterioration by the ocean the framework started to break down. In beginning 20th century the job of remodelling of the temple was taken by Mouna Swami (a sannyasin). The procedure was continued for over 72 years and the 3 pragarams were designed once again in dark marble rock.
'Tiruchendur' indicates a holy and flourishing city of success. Especially, the Gopuram or the shrine framework is on the Western instead of the Eastern as is conventional due to the sea. The large framework is nine storey high and appears at 137 legs. The Gopuram was designed approx 3 centuries ago. The statues on the Gopuram have stories of exciting activities. For example, there are moments from the lifestyle of Manikkavachakar. In the 9th storey, a large bell was set by Mr. Eden, probably the Enthusiast of Tirunelveli. The buzzing of the bell indicated the time of the day. The bell is now not in use because the mechanism is been damaged. Wthout visiting Nazhi Kinaru any visit to this temple will be incomplete. The Nazhi Kinaru is a extraordinary natural trend where there's a 14 sq.ft well with a small well of 1 sq.ft inside it. The bigger well's water had odor of sulphur and is salty, but the water in the little well was sweet-tasting and clear. As per the tale Lord Shanmukha's soldiers were dehydrated and the Vel or spear of Shanmukha was planted at this spot by him and caused the small well's fresh water to stream out from the salty water well.
Besides the per month Krittikais which entice a huge variety of enthusiasts to this shrine, the two excellent yearly celebrations are the Aadi Krittikai and the Thirty first of Dec New Season Phase Event. In the Aadi month the festival float is celebrated, in Maasi month the festival Bhramotsavam and in the Aippasi month of Tamil, Skanda Sashti is celebrated.
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