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  • Swamimalai Swaminathar Murugan Temple
  • Swamimalai Swaminathar Murugan Temple
  • Swamimalai Swaminathar Murugan Temple

Swamimalai Swaminathar Murugan Temple

Swamimalai, TamilNadu
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Located in the Kumbhakonam district of the Tamil Nadu, the temple is well connected by bus and roads from all other states that aresurrounded.The temple is pretty much dedicated for the Lord Muruga and is popularly known as the Lord Swaminathaswamy.
The temple was constructed a long back in the years when the start was ruled by the ancient kings and rajas. Lord Murugan temples are famous for the fastingthat are celebrated and is highlighted for its uniqueness.Exactly, the temple is located on top of the small hill that is considered to be very genuine and vital for anyone who visits the temple. The shrine can be reached after crossing around 60steps. It is myth logically believed that the 60 steps over here denote the sixty Tamil years that are considered equallyimportant. Finally, as days passed by, it was seen that the stone has changed itself its shape to that of a peacock that showed the existence of the Lord Muruga. It was expected to be the head of the elephants so that Lord Ganesha could be used as such.Confirming that the Lord Muruga was supposed to exist over the place the rulers of the time met different astrologists to get a decision of the same. It was then astrologically proven the Lord Muruga would exist there and that was the main step that had built up or constructed the incarnation and the shrine adhere the God is worshipped even today, the same method is applicable.
According to the mythological epics as proven and described in the different chapters in the Puranas, a popular saint named Bhrugu committed the penance. Prior to committing the penance, he received a boon that anyone or anything that interrupts his meditation would give up all the acquired knowledge and wisdom that was gained till date. It was believed that because of his penance, a fire that was considered sacred was visible in his head and went till it reached the heaven. It is to be believed that even the Gods also were frightened by the fire that instantly reached the heaven without any notice pr prior information. Everyone got rounded tom the Lord Shiva and begged for the pardon to get rid and to stop the fire that was destroying the heaven;The Lord Shiva covered the head of the saint by sand and thus gave an end to the fire that was initiated from the head of the saint. Hence the place where exactly, the saint was meditating cam to be the main incarnation shrine for the Lord Muruga.
Being a temple that is fully dedicated to the Lord Muruga, the temple has various kinds of festivals that include the Thaipoosam, Kirtigai and Brahmotsava, that are considered major among them and are very famous and popular among the other rituals. This is celebrated especially every year and the temple will experience a heavy rush of the devotees from all over the state.
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