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  • Thindalmalai VelayudhaSwamy Murugan Temple
  • Thindalmalai VelayudhaSwamy Murugan Temple
  • Thindalmalai VelayudhaSwamy Murugan Temple

Thindalmalai VelayudhaSwamy Murugan Temple

Thindalmalai,Erode, TamilNadu
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This temple is one of the renowned Hindu temples dedidated to Lord Muruga, situated on top of the Thindalmalai hillock, in the city of Erode, at a distance from the Perundurai Road, the esteemed road off the city, which connects the city to Coimbatore and Kerala. The deity of Lord Murugan that is found here is referred to as 'Sri Velayudhaswami.
The village of Kongunadu was ruled by the ancient Chera during the ancient times. For the purpose of effective governance, the village was divided into 24 different countries. The Thindalmalai Murugan Temple is located in Thindal Nadu, which was one of the 24 countries.
There are a number of temples here and they are listed below with their descriptions-Arasamarathu vinayagar :Arasamarathu vinayagar, the first temple and it is a very special one. It was constructed about 40years ago.The 'arasamaram' is the holiest tree in the temple. Siththi Vinayagar :Siththi Vinayagar, is the second temple.There are two Nagar statues located here, The Velayuthaswamy statue is located in Munmandapam. There is a long wided flight of stairs that you might have to climb to get here. Idumban shrine :The Idumban temple is located a few steps away from Munmandapam. Idumban is also called Idumbakkumaran or Idunbasan.Maga Ganapathi :'Maga Ganapathi' is the first shrine in Thindalmalai, it is also referred to as 'Thala Vinayagar'.Velayuthaswamy shrine:Uchava Moorthikal:The beautiful statues of Uchava Moorty are located here. There is a que of Uchava Moorthikal statues that are found here, namely- Vinayagar,Velayuthaswamy,Subramaniyar, Valli Deivana. There is also a peacock nearby. And the third statue is at the Velayuthaswamy temple.Thannasi cave:The Thannasi cave is located at the northwest of the Velayuthaswamy temple. The Nagara statue can be found here. Theertha Sunai is located to the northeast of Thindalmalai.
A number of major and inconsequential festivals are celebrated at Thindal. Kandhar Shasti, Thirukkarthigai, Thai Poosam and Panguni Uthiram are few of the major festivals, that are attended by thousands of pilgrims from Tamil Nadu,Kerala,and the other states of India.
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