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  • Tirumalai Kumaraswamy Murugan Temple
  • Tirumalai Kumaraswamy Murugan Temple
  • Tirumalai Kumaraswamy Murugan Temple
  • Tirumalai Kumaraswamy Murugan Temple

Tirumalai Kumaraswamy Murugan Temple

Tirumalai,Shenkotta,Tirunelveli, TamilNadu
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The Tirumalai Kumaraswamy Murugan Temple is placed on top of a small dune on the border of the state of Kerala, it is a shrine devoted to Lord Murugan and it is located at Panpoli, 8 kms away from Coutraalam, which is in the Tenkasi taluka of Tirunevelli district of Tamil Nadu. This temple is what makes the village popular. Lord Muruga visited sage Agasthiar at Tirumalai. The temple provides you with a breathtaking view of the surrounding villages from atop of the magnificent hills.
A long time ago, a deity of Mother Kali Amman was placed on the hill. Priest Poovar Pattar dreamt of Lord Muruga where He told him that he was amid the bamboo bushes near a place called Kottai Thirattu and that ants would guide him to that spot. The king of Pandala, too, had a similar dream. When he came there, he was chaperoned by Poovar Pattar. They found the spot and dug up the ground to unearth the idol. In this process, the nose of the idol was marginally damaged. To this day, this is visible on the idol and hence, the deity is referred to as 'Mookkan'. To keep the deity safe from calamities like floods, the temple is constructed at a height of 500 feet. Pandala kings have granted a huge estate to the temple.
While the temple was being built, elephants were used to transport pillars and timber to the hill. They had to make use of palm fibres, which were weak, as firm ropes weren't available during the olden days, as a result of which the beams would tumble down the hill. Once, when the pillars fell down, with a loud twang, a lady austere, by the name of Sivakami Ammaiyar would obstruct them with her head, not caring for her life, and the pillars would be transported uphill again. She also carried bricks to the top of the hill. These superhuman powers were granted to her by Lord Muruga. There is an idol of Ammaiyar in the temple too. The holy creek which is situated at the top of the hill is called Ashta Padmakulam. It comprises of the Soma, Surya and the Agni theerthams, when the water level in the creek goes down, it gets filled by rain. A flower by the name of Kuvalai grows here. The Sabhdha Kannikas (the seven virgins) worshipped the Lord by offering this flower to Him; only one flower would blossom in a day. Generally, the idols of Sapta Kannikas are only found in the temples of Lord Shiva, but they are found here too, they are installed on the banks of the creek in the temple.
Devotees visit the temple to celebrate major festivals like Padi Thiruvizha, the step festival, which falls on the 14th of April, Vaikasi Vikasam, that is celebrated during the months of May-June, Karthikai float festival in November-December and Thai Poosam that is celebrated during the months of January-February. It is believed that Lord Muruga grants every wish of His devotees, and they like lamps to show their gratitude towards the Lord
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