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  • Ananthamangalam Anjaneyar Hanuman Temple
  • Ananthamangalam Anjaneyar Hanuman Temple
  • Ananthamangalam Anjaneyar Hanuman Temple
  • Ananthamangalam Anjaneyar Hanuman Temple

Ananthamangalam Anjaneyar Hanuman Temple

Anandamangalam,Tarangambadi, TamilNadu
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The Ananthamangalam Anjaneya Hanuman can be found in the state of Tamilnadu, India. The temple faces eastward.
After Ravana lost his life in the Sri Lankan war, Lord Rama was coming back to Ayothi along with his wife, Sita and brother Lakshman. They lived in Bharathwaja Maharishi's house. Sometime later, Narathar came to visit them. Lord Rama prayed to him and he was blessed by Narathar who told him that the battle of Sri Lanka has ended but there may be more problems and storms that he might have to endure. He told him that although Ravana did lose his life in the war, but there are generations of demons that still exist, who might retaliate on behalf of Ravana, their leader who was defeated in the war, He revealed to him that there were two demons that were repenting beneath the sea. He added that after they had ended their penance; they would be blessed with super powers so strong, that they could use them to bring about the demolition the world and he ordered him to destroy those demons as soon as possible. However, Lord Rama told him that he could not postpone his plan of going back to his town of Ayothi, as Bharat would take hold of the mobile suit. Rama was told by Narathar to delegate Lakshman who was his kin instead, however, Rama refused saying, Lakshman was his assistant, who never left his side, so he has to stick by his side.Then Rama asked Lord Hanuman to go and destroy the demons. Lord Vishnu even provided his 'Conch' and 'Chakra' while Goddess Sakthi provided her 'Thirusoolam', Weapons by the names of 'Bramakapalam', ' pasangusam' and 'Manthrashtakam' were provided by Lord Brahma.Lord Rama provided his archery weapons whereas, Lord Krishna provided Lord Hanuman with 'Sattai' and 'Butter' so that he could bring about the destruction of the Evil demons.Lord Hanuman has demonstrated all his capacities with ten of his hands. Thereafter, Lord Shiva even provided his 'Netrikan'. With the help of these talents, lord Hanuman was able to bring about the destruction of the two Asuras , he was so happy after this feat, that he fluttered with joy, therefore this place was came to be known as 'Ananthamangalam'.
The deity of the Lord in this temple has three eyes. He holds the Conch, a Chakra, a Soolam, a Kabalam, a a Madhatchagam, Pasamankusam, a Bow, an Arrow, a Sattai, , a Navaneetham and two feathers in each of his hands.During the month of 'margazhi', the festival of 'Hanuman Jayanthi' is celebrated with joy and pomp with 'Special Abhishekam' and by offering 'Annathanam' they are meals, which are free of costs which are provided to the public. Devotees also fast for a month and eighteen days, that too for two times of the day. They recite hymns such as the Hanuman Thudhi for a period of forty eight days. On the last day of the fast, the devotees visit Ananthamangalam, reaching the place, they pray to God. If a devotee holds a fast with utmost devotion, then God will grant all of his wishes.
Thousands of devotees visit the temple as it believed that the Lord will grant all of their wishes. By praying to the Lord, you can absolve yourself of all the sins that you might have committed. Furthermore, all the problems that you are currently facing in your life will vanish, resulting in you becoming a rich and successful person.
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