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  • Sholinghur Yoga Anjaneyar Hanuman Temple
  • Sholinghur Yoga Anjaneyar Hanuman Temple
  • Sholinghur Yoga Anjaneyar Hanuman Temple
  • Sholinghur Yoga Anjaneyar Hanuman Temple
  • Sholinghur Yoga Anjaneyar Hanuman Temple

Sholinghur Yoga Anjaneyar Hanuman Temple

Sholingur,Vellore, TamilNadu
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The quiet yet holy village of Sholingapuram is a Hindu place of pilgrimage in the district of Vellore in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. There are three separate shrines, dedicated to gods, Bhaktavatsala, Narsimha, Perumal and Hanuman and each of them are located on the larger hill, at the base of the larger hill and on the smaller hill respectively.
There are a few legends surrounding the temple, as per one such legend, it is believed that sage Vishvamitra attained the title of Brahmarishi by admiring Narsimha there for around 45 minutes. Another legend states that Indra, along with his makers would bathe in the pushkarni and pray to Narasimha. The name of pushkarni is 'Thakkan'. It is believed that the water of the pushkarni is said to have medicinal properties which can cure many diseases. Chandra's son, Buddha visited this temple and prayed to the Lord after which he was cured from the curse given by sage Durvasa. People who are mentally ill are believed to be cured when they bathe in the pushkarni and pray to the Gods situated in the two hillocks. When Karikaala Chola was dividing his empire into small districts, he named this place as "Kadigai Kottam". It is here where a number of kings belonging to to the Pallava dynasty started various academic institutions and sculpting centres.
In order to reach the temple, a person has to climb about four hundred steps. The statue of Lord Hanuman is situated and he is seen in a sitting position with a Sangu and Chakkram facing the west. t is here that Lord Vishnu rewarded Anjaneyar, and the latter is said to be an avatar of Lord Shiva, however the statue of Hanuman in this temple depicts Lord Vishnu. The statue of Lord Hanuman that is found here, possesses four arms, he also holds a Sanka as well as a Chakra in his arms. He is also seen sitting in a yogic position holding a 'Jap Mala' and he also holds a 'Jap Sanka' , the idol is seen holding penance to Lord Narasimhan. Rama is carved on his crown.This town of Sholinghur, was, earlier, governed by the shivites. It was established, close to the temple ruins near Parappan Kulam, in the valley between the two hills. This is where Sholinghur was located earlier. Partially constructed Nandhis and Sthupas are found all over the town.
Devotees that visit the temple believe strongly that Lord Hanuman protects them and fulfils their every wish. No other temple in the country has a statue of Lord Hanuman carrying a Sanka and a Chakra that was given to him by Narasimha so that he could protect his followers. Therefore, it is recommemnded that one should visit this temple to seek the blessings of the Lord. Every Friday, special poojas for Thayaar are performed. In the Tamil month of Kaarthigai and on Sundays, grand and special poojas that are devoted to Hanuman are carried out.
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