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  • Pandharpur Vithoba Vishnu Temple
  • Pandharpur Vithoba Vishnu Temple
  • Pandharpur Vithoba Vishnu Temple

Pandharpur Vithoba Vittal Vishnu Temple Pandharpur Maharashtra

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A temple which has a very impacting story of its origin that leaves an impression on oneself is the Pandharpur Vithoba Vittal Vishnu Temple. Located in the holy city which resides on the banks of river Chandrabhaga in Pandharpur Maharashtra this temple has a very illustrious history to it. This is one of the most visited temples in Maharashtra and also entails a tradition of visiting it walking from one's home to the temple. People start walking in group from their home to visit the temple on Ashadi Ekdashi and Karthik Ekadashi, these people are called as “Varkari” and this procession is called as “Dindi”. When people reach Pandharpur, they first take a dip in the holy river Chandrabhaga and then visit the temple. It is believed that this river has the strength to wipe off all the sins. So this Vithoba Vittal Vishnu Temple is a certain splendor in itself.
The exact date of origin of this temple is unknown but the present structure is said to have built in the 13th century by King Visnuvardhana of the Hoysala Dynasty. The presiding deity if this temple is Vithoba who is believed to be a manifestation of Lord Vishnu and his consort Rakhumai. The story behind the inception of this temple is really very interesting. There was a person called Pundalik who did not treat his old parents properly at all. Even after Pundalik got married he and his wife kept ill-treating the old parents. Frustrated with such behavior of the children the parents decide to leave for Kashi. It is believed in Hindu mythology that the one who dies in Kashi attains liberation or emancipation. But the Pundalik and his wife also decide to go along with the parents. During this journey all rivers like Ganga, Yamuna and many more take the form of women and tell Pundalik about his wrong doings in the way he treats his parents, which help Pundalik in realizing his mistakes. After which Pundalik becomes a devoted son and takes utmost care of his parents. Pleased with Pundalik, Lord Vishnu decides to grant him blessings and goes to visit him and knocks on Pundalik's door. Pundalik is busy attending his parents at this moment and asks Lord Vishnu to wait until he is done and throws a brick for him to stand on. Impressed more by Pundalik's devotion towards his parents Lord Vishnu grants him a boon. Pundalik requests the lord to stay on earth and bless his devotees. Granting this wish Lord stood on this brick and a temple came up there. Also the name of the deity “Vithoba” is derived from the Marathi word “Vit” which means a brick.
This temple had a restricted entry for some years but later with the efforts of the freedom fighter Sane Guruji, even untouchables were allowed to visit the temple and receive Lord Vishnu's blessings. Not only this but in May 2014 this temple also became the first of its kind to invite women and people from backward classes as priests. Undoubtedly the history and the grandeur of Vithoba Vittal Vishnu temple is extraordinary.
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