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  • Koviladi Appukuttan Vishnu Temple
  • Koviladi Appukuttan Vishnu Temple
  • Koviladi Appukuttan Vishnu Temple

Koviladi Appukuttan Perumal Vishnu Temple Koviladi Trichy TamilNadu

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Situated in the serene and scenic banks of river Kaveri in a small village called Kolivadi is the Appakkudathaan Perumal Temple near Trichy in Tamilnadu. This is a beautiful temple with an exciting tale of its inception which is a delight to know about. Also this is one of the Divya Desams which are the 108 temples of Lord Vishnu. Not only this but this temple is also one of the five Pancharanga Kshetrams which are located on the banks of river Kaveri.This temple also has its significant relic at several times and connections to the Medieval Cholas.
There was once a King named Ubhamanyu who had to suffer the anger of sage Durvasar because the King had accidently killed a Brahmin during his hunting. King had lost all his physical strength as an effect of the curse. To free himself from the curse, the King was asked to feed a lakh people daily. One day Lord Vishnu disguised as an old man came to the King seeking a meal. The old man ate up all the food that was given. King was astonished by the act of this young man. Then the man asked for sweet made of rice ( Neyyaappam) in a kudam i.e. a pot. The King granted the wish of the old man and later concluded that the old man was the lord himself. The King was then freed from the curse with the grace of Lord Vishnu. This is reason behind the name of this temple and hence it was known as “Appakkudathaan”.The presiding deity of this temple is “Moolavar” who is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The deity is in the reclining posture i.e. Bhujanasan in the temple and is facing West.The temple is at an elevated place and has to be reached through a staircase of 21 stairs. There is also a main gateway called the Rajagopuram. You can also find inscriptions from te 18th year of Aditya Chola.
There is huge belief in devotees that after visiting this temple all their obstacles, sorrows and difficulties will be eradicated from their lives with the blessing of the Lord. It is also believed that for the couples who are childless are blessed with a child if they come here and offer prayers and offerings of butter and sugar to Santhanagopalan. The other enshrined deities are Bhooma Devi, Kamala Valli Thayar and Santhanagopalan.Different events and festivals are celebrated here with great enthusiasm predominantly the Chariot festival which takes place during the Tamil month of Panguni approximately in March- April. In this festival the devotees pull a chariot from the streets of Kolivadi and the priest sing the verses of certain pujas and music is played with the instruments like Nagaswaram and Taavil.Another important thing about this temple is that this was the place where sagePerialvar had attained the feet of Lord Vishnu. Hence this temple is certainly worth a visit.
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