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  • Madurai Madana Gopalakrishna Temple
  • Madurai Madana Gopalakrishna Temple
  • Madurai Madana Gopalakrishna Temple
  • Madurai Madana Gopalakrishna Temple
  • Madurai Madana Gopalakrishna Temple

Madurai Madana Gopalakrishna Temple Madurai TamilNadu

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Located in the heart of the city of Madurai is the Madana Gopalakrishna Temple which is an epitome of divinity, faith and angelic atmosphere. This temple is exactly located on the West Masi street near the Immayil Naamai Tharuvar Koil. This temple bears historic incidences and stories regarding its inception.
It story goes as there was a King in Madurai named Sundara Pandiya who prior to taking up the throne performed a Puja. This Puja was performed by Lord Shiva to the Shiva Linga. Whist doing this Lord Shiva sank into deep meditation. Due to the heat and the flames emitted by this the world set aflame. The gods were appalled and endangered and went to Lord Vishnu for help. Lord Vishnu then played a mesmerizing flute which led Lord Shiva to come out of his meditation and this way the whole world was saved. Impressed with Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva asked him to play this music always for him and this is the reason that Madana Gopalakrishna Temple is best known for.
The presiding deity of this temple is Lord Madana Gopalaswamy. The temple also enshrines other Gods like Anjanaye, Lakshmi Narsimha, Nag Devas, Gajalakshmi and Sarasswati. The idol of Madana Gopalaswany which is 5 feet tall is exceptionally breathtaking. The statue is seen with four hands having a shank (shell), a chakra (disc), and holding the flute with the other two hands. The deity here is also known as Deivika Vasudevan.You can see fine and exquisitely carved sculptures and paintings which potray the story of Ramayana on both the southern and the northern sides of the Maha Mandapam.One of the interesting facts about this temple is that Adelian Peppergibson who had visited this temple 1938 was so attracted by this temple that he took the broken down pillars here and built a Maha Mandapam in the museum of Philadelphia. It is believed that Lord Madana Gopala along with Goddesses Bama and Rukmini showers his blessings from the chancel on all the devotees that come to seek for happiness.The vibrations and the aura of this temple is believed to be so powerful that once when Mother Anadal with Saint Periazhwar were travelling to Sri Rangam had worshipped and attained blessings of Lord Madana Gopalaswamy before blending into the divine body of Lord Perumal.This temple is also a must visit to people who aspire to outshine in the field of music. As its itself depicts that Lord Vishnu himself had played a mesmerizing flute to distract Lord Shiva from his deep meditation.
The birth of Lord Krishna i.e. 'Krishna Janmashtami' is one of the prominent festivals which is celebrated with great enthusiasm as the presiding deity of the temple is a manifestation of Lord Krishna himself. Also the other festivals celebrated are like Vaikunth Ekadashi and the Pavai Nanbu during December- January.Devotees are attracted to this temple in huge numbers due to its glorious history and their love for the Hindu God of passion Lord Krishna
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