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  • Sri Kailasanathar Temple-Thingalur,Nr Tiruvaiyar,Tanjore
  • Sri Kailasanathar Temple-Thingalur,Nr Tiruvaiyar,Tanjore

Sri Kailasanathar Shiva Temple

Thingalur,Nr Tiruvaiyar,Tanjore, TamilNadu, One Year [12 Months] Nithya Puja/Shashwatha Puja/Kattalai Puja
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The temple is located in Thingalur, Tamil Nadu. The presiding deity is Lord Shiva and the temple is exclusivley known fro granting growth in education, married life and child boons.
The temple is noted for the importance of first rice feeding of infants known as Anna Prasanam. People pray for removal of obstacles in marriage, child boon and progress in education to the presiding deity by contributing for temple renovation and maintenance, performing abishek and offer vastras to Lord and Goddess.
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