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  • Venugopalaswamy Krishna Temple
  • Venugopalaswamy Krishna Temple
  • Venugopalaswamy Krishna Temple
  • Venugopalaswamy Krishna Temple
  • Venugopalaswamy Krishna Temple
  • Venugopalaswamy Krishna Temple
  • Venugopalaswamy Krishna Temple

Sri Venugopalaswamy Krishna Temple

Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta Chamarajanagar Karnataka
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Exotically situated in the lush green forests and mystic surroundings, a magically divine place is the Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta which is a temple dedicated to Lord Sri Venugopalaswamy. The location of this temple is enchanting in itself with dense forests and also a lot wild animals and covered with teakwood, rosewoods etc. Also this temple is at an elevated height i.e. on a hilltop.
This temple is an ancient temple with a lot of historical significance. The origin of this temple dates back to 1315 A.D. The temple is said to have been built by the Hoysala King Ballala, also the renovation and the maintenance of the temple was later done by Wodeyars who belonged to the Dynasty of Mysore. The presiding deity of this temple is Gopaplaswamy, this is another name of Lord Krishna. This sacred place holds a lot of faith and reverence amongst the devotees
This temple is a classic example of exceptionally beautiful architecture and craftsmanship. The idol of Lord Krishna is exquisitely carved and is in a Tribhangi posture i.e. the standing posture. The main entrance, that is the Rajagopuram is single tiered and is rather grand. In the inner porch there is a Dhwajastambh and a Bali peetam. The Bali Peetam is a sacrificial altar. The mukha mandapam flaunts very elegantly scultped walls which portray the Vishnu dashavatara and also a central portion possessing a sculpture of Vishnu when he had taken the incarnation of Lord Krishna. The sanctum (Garbha Griha) of the temple is a very serene place and has an idol of Lord Sri Krishnas holding a flute under a tree which is a divine view to the eyes. Here Lord Krishna is in a dancing posture surrounded by his friends. Also one can see the idols of Goddess Rukhmini and Goddess Satyabhama who are the consorts of Lord Sri Krishna here. On the right hand side of the Garbha Griha sculptures of a cow and cowherds are depicted.
In the vicinity of the temple there is a lake named Hamsatheertha. The story behind this is that a great saint Agastya had performed his penance at this place and consequently Lord Vishnu blessed him and promised to stay at this place. In Hindu mythology, a Swan is considered to be a symbol of intelligence, emancipation and stillness and hence this place is known as the "Hamsatheertha'" which means a lake of Swans. Another unusual thing about this place is that you cannot find any crows here. It is said that once a crow had taken a dip in this lake after which he turned into a swan, since then there are no crows here. Also as this place is a part of the "Bandipur National Park," this temple is a huge tourist attraction. There are lush green forests which have elephants, deer, rabbits, beautiful birds and even a few tigers.
Many different festivals are celebrated here with great enthusiasm and high spirits.
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