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  • Mayilam Arumugam Swamy Murugan Temple
  • Mayilam Arumugam Swamy Murugan Temple
  • Mayilam Arumugam Swamy Murugan Temple

Mayilam Arumugam Swamy Murugan Temple Mayilam Villupuram Tamilnadu

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Mailam Arumugam Swamy Murugan Temple, as the name implies, is dedicate to Lord Murugan and is located at Vellipuram, Tamil Nadu, fifteen kilometers away from Trivandrum and thirty kilometers away from Pondicherry. The temple, that is situated on a small hill and is linked to Bomayapalayam village on the Coromondal Coast that is located close to Pondicherry. The landscape to spot the temple is the Veera Saiva Mutt nearby.
It is believed that the name Bomma is derived from the word Brahmana which was a rural village that was dominated by the Brahmins, which was then renamed as the Brahmapuram. The history of this temple begins with the end of the Surapadma's rigorous rule that was ended up with the tearful appeal to Lord to accept him as his ascend.In the view of Sthalapurana that deals with the ancient history, Surapadma believed that he had fought with the Lord to get entitled as the asura mayopaya. After getting descended and translated into the mount, he appealed Lord to accept him as His vehicle so that he can render fidelity services to the Lord. Finally he was asked to meditate in the bank of river Varaha in the shape of a peacock, in a place called as the Mailamalai. Since his meditation was a great success, he was granted the blessings from Murukan. Later, the place came to be known as Mayila malai or Mailam in short. The temple was actually built by the Pommayapuram Mathadhipathi king, on a large scale and is still maintained with a great deal of commitment. A Mutt was also established in connection with the temple and is used as the temple administration services so as to provide contemporary services to the devotees.
The mailam temple is well known as a temple that is amidst of the pathways of the myths and traditional cultures. The study of the temple showcases both the prevailing traditional culture and the local realities, that are getting iconified these days.
The iconography of the temple reveals that Lord Shiva has also partaken in forming the temple. The Brahmotsava chariots used in the temple holds a great importance as it is formed with different forms of Shiva declaring the significance of Lord. Each iconography of the temple represents different mythological facts.The Mailam temple, when considering the other traditional temples, is anchored in a very particular cultural state that reflects its originality.
Brahmotsava is one of the finest and most well known festivals of the Murukan temple. It is for this event that the chariots will be showcased with sculptured iconographies and traditions. It is celebrated mostly for about nine days where Lord will be carried in the golden chariots. It is a kind of holy cleansing ceremony as believed by most of the Hindu followers. It happens only once in a year and is of great importance. People strongly believe and conduct different holy masses as a part of this.
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