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  • Ahmedabad Camp Hanumanji Temple Ahmedabad Gujarat
  • Ahmedabad Camp Hanumanji Temple Ahmedabad Gujarat
  • Ahmedabad Camp Hanumanji Temple Ahmedabad Gujarat
  • Ahmedabad Camp Hanumanji Temple Ahmedabad Gujarat
  • Ahmedabad Camp Hanumanji Temple Ahmedabad Gujarat
  • Ahmedabad Camp Hanumanji Temple Ahmedabad Gujarat

Ahmedabad Camp Hanumanji Temple Ahmedabad Gujarat

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The temple is a huge temple in India. You will find the temple located in n Ahmedabad Cantonment area in Shahibaug, Ahmedabad, in the state of Gujarat. Shri Pandit Gajanan Prasad established the temple some 100 years ago.
In the beautiful city of Ahmedabad, the Gayakvad Haveli was an army cant. It is from here that the English built an army base near the Temple. There was a hospital near the temple. There was an English Executive who advised the priest of the temple that the temple should be shifted from the preset place to another location. But the devotees as well as the priest refused. The English people then bulldozed 4 hotels near the temple, as well as many small temples and when they got the order for destroying the Hanumanji Temple, thousands of devotees wrapped in yellow and black surrounded the wall for protection. The English executive then sent labors for a week. However, the wasps attacked only the labors. When he saw all this, he had to unwillingly change his order seeing this miracle. He backtracked and said that the temple will only lie here. This temple has since been renovated and it also has a grand appearance. You will be able to read all about these details in detail in a book by Vandanaben Shukal.
This temple is amongst the colossal Hanuman temples of India. It is located near the Ahmedabad Cantonment area in Shahibau and was set up by Pandit Gajanan Prasad some one hundred years ago. Legend tells us that the idol of Hanumanji is about more than 350 years ago. The Chief Mahant of the temple was Pandit Dwarka Prasad.
If you wish to visit the temple, the ideal time is on Tuesday's and Saturday's as they are considered to be very auspicious to worship or make rituals in Hanumanji's name.In the temple, you will be able to give your offerings with a sacred lamp which is considered to be an auspicious occasion. It is on all Tuesday evenings that the 'Sundarkand' is read loudly. On some other certain special occasions 'Ramayan' is also read loudly. A day prior to the full moon day, every month the idol of Lord Hanuman is immersed with golden and silver foil. In this process, edible oil is applied in the first instance and then vermilion is applied. Later on silver foil is applied and last of all a golden foil is applied. After that a routine decoration is made. When the whole ritual is over prayer is offered to Lord Hanuman with sacred lamp.On this special day the dressing of Shri Hanuman and decoration at the temple looks stunning and gorgeous as well as unique. On this day, the temple is specially decorated and the admirers of Lord Hanuman offer fifty six different types of special eatables to their loving God Shri Hanuman which is later on given to the devotees in the form of Prasad.
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