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  • Tirunanguneri Thotadrinathar Vishnu Temple
  • Tirunanguneri Thotadrinathar Vishnu Temple
  • Tirunanguneri Thotadrinathar Vishnu Temple
  • Tirunanguneri Thotadrinathar Vishnu Temple
  • Tirunanguneri Thotadrinathar Vishnu Temple

Tirunanguneri Thotadrinathar Perumal Vishnu Temple

Tirunanguneri,Tirunelveli, TamilNadu
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Tirunanguneri Thotadrinathar Perumal Vishnu temple is an ancient temple located in a small town in Tamil Nadu. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, this forms a part of the 108 enshrines which are solely built and dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It is situated on the foothills of the western ghat and is believed to be built around 1500 years ago. The small town of Tirunanguner is very well connected by roads and hence is easily accessible from any part of the world.
A clear cut history of this temple is not available. It is believed to be built around 1500 years back since the architecture of the temple is showcased in its typical Dravidian style. However, who built it and what was the reason for the same is unknown till date. Some historians believe that Lord Vishnu had guided his devotee to find his idol in the dense forests which later on came to be known as the Tirunanguneri Thotadrinathar Perumal Vishnu Temple.
Tirunanguneri Thotadrinathar Perumal Vishnu Temple is a part of the Vaihnava temple which belongs to the 108 shrines of Divyadesams. It is significant in the sense that all the 108 shrines are very sacred and are earmarked as special Vishnu temples. Special herbs are available nearby to the temple which has the property to heal rare diseases with ease. People flock from far and wide to worship the deity and apply the herbs in order to get rid of the skin diseases. Further, worshippers performing rituals are believed to be relieved of their evil deeds and purified at once. Lord Vishnu is the creator of the world and hence, the blessings of the almighty are sought before delving into any important activity.
There is a great legend behind this temple. Nampaduvan was born to a Bhoomi Devi and was a staunch supporter of Lord Lord Nambi (an incarnated form of Lord Vishnu). He praised hymns for the lord every day on a regular basis. One day while Nampaduvan was crossing the forest to perform his daily rituals he met with a demon. The demon wanted to eat him immediately; however, he pleaded the demon to leave him for certain duration so that he could perform his rituals. After making loads of promises and convincing him Nampaduvan went and performed his usual rituals. On the way back he met with an old man (Lord Nambi had taken this form) and warned the child from returning in his same path. However, the child strictly adhered to his promise and went back to the demon. The demon was amazed by the courage of the child and decided not to eat him. The demon also worshipped Lord Nambi and asked for his blessings. It is here where the Lord gave them darshan and the Tirunanguneri Thotadrinathar Perumal Vishnu was built.
Various kinds of events are held every year in the temple which attracts thousands of devotees all year round.
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