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  • Tirupatisaram Kuralappan Venkatachalapati Vishnu Temple
  • Tirupatisaram Kuralappan Venkatachalapati Vishnu Temple
  • Tirupatisaram Kuralappan Venkatachalapati Vishnu Temple
  • Tirupatisaram Kuralappan Venkatachalapati Vishnu Temple
  • Tirupatisaram Kuralappan Venkatachalapati Vishnu Temple

Tirupatisaram Kuralappan Venkatachalapati Perumal Vishnu Temple

Tirupatisaram Tiruvannaparisaram,Nr Nagercoil, TamilNadu
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Kuralappan Venkatachalapati Perumal Vishnu Temple is an ancient temple located in the small town of Tirupatisaram, district of Nr Nagercoil, in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is situated at a distance of about 20 kilometers from trichy and is easily accessible by roads and railways. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and attracts devotees from all across the globe
Historians believe that long back there was a pit during the Chola period, near which people used to milk the cows, fill the pots and bring it to the King's court. One day a miracle happened and the milk from one of the pots disappeared completely. Suddenly, a voice came out which asked him to fill the pit entirely with milk. The pit was really a huge one, however, the king obeyed the lord and with the help of his people got the entire pit filled with milk. Just as the milk reached the brim, a divine light splashed and lord Vishnu in the avatar of Kuralappan Venkatachalapati appeared and gave darshan to the King. The lord was very pleased with his devotion and dedication and hence agreed to stay in that spot. Later on the king built a magnificent temple on the same location which is today known as the Kuralappan Venkatachalapati Perumal Vishnu Temple.
Kuralappan Venkatachalapati Perumal Vishnu Temple is a very significant temple. As per legends, Lord Vishnu himself appeared on this spot and hence this is considered very sacred. People offer milk to the lord in huge amounts and perform rituals. It is believed that the Lord grants the wishes of all the devotees who offer milk and follow the rituals along with the norms. The temple is very religious and attracts devotes from far and wide. Various pujas and yagnas are held on a daily basis.
The center of the sanctum contains a self-portrait of Kuralappan Venkatachalapati along with four hands, each having a unique weapon. This is one of its kind, since most of the temples encompass idols of some kind which is worshipped. The feature of a portrait is new in its approach. All the more, paintings of the recent times adorn the walls of the temples exemplifying its look and appearance.
Brahmotsavam is one of the main festivals of this temple. This takes place for about 9 days and includes the chariot festival in it. Celebrated on a grand scale, people throng the temple from morning, to witness the processions. It is held annually in the months of September or October. Pavitrotsavam is another festival which is a three day festival held usually in the month of Avani. Thrumajanam is another puja which is a specialty of Vishnu. However, unlike the other Vishnu temples, here this is observed every day. All the more, all the rituals are performed here adhering to the norms strictly pertaining to Lord Vishnu. This is really a place to visit with family and friends.
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