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  • Salangpur Kashtabhanjandev Hanuman Temple
  • Salangpur Kashtabhanjandev Hanuman Temple
  • Salangpur Kashtabhanjandev Hanuman Temple
  • Salangpur Kashtabhanjandev Hanuman Temple
  • Salangpur Kashtabhanjandev Hanuman Temple
  • Salangpur Kashtabhanjandev Hanuman Temple

Salangpur Kashtabhanjandev Hanuman Temple

Salangpur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
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Salangpur is a home to a great temple of lord Hauman, who is unique and eccentric for several reasons, Hanumanji has been a legend in the entire Ramayana scenario; Kashtabhanjandev means the destroyer of the sorrows. It is at a distance of approximately 82 Kms from Bhavnagar. The temple is really big with a lot of space and has a dome like structure along with a dwindling step like format at the adjacent attached building which stands in all its glory and might. The temple is neat and clean, and stands on a very pious atmosphere which transmits positive vibes to everyone and anyone.
This temple of Hanjumanji is is considered very holy & sacred, Sadguru Gopalanand Swami on the occasion of Ashwini vadi pancham savant 1905, installed the image of Hanumanji and there are evidences which warrants that while installing the image, Sadguru Gopalanand Swami touched it with the rod and the picture came alive and moved. It is closed on Sunday and the visiting time on rest of the days is 10 in the morning to 7 in the evening.The temple is so sacred and has fierceness to make good the evil spirits affected on the people by a mere look by the affected people, the rod used or installing the image is still preserved and is used for curing disorders of the people; Saturday's are specifically designated for such rituals. The rod used by Sadguru Gopalanand Swami for installing the image has now been covered in silver. The conduct of daily rituals and pooja are administered by an appointed Brahmin.?The idol of Hanumanji is straight standing which makes it look a little plump, has a typical moustache, squashing a female demon under the foot, bragging its teeth, standing among a fleet of monkey attendants and filled with fruits. The place seems to be blessed and it is proclaimed as a place where peace settles down without any dispute. The temple has a holy well and people usually gather the sacred & holy water from there for various justified reasons. The temple accepts donation from the people and issues them an official receipt to let them be accountable for. There is a dining room in the temple which is managed by the temples trust; it serves all the visitors food at zero prices. The temple also has the facility to let the people stay overnight in a dharamshala in the same area. The temple also releases magazines at regular intervals, there is a shibir for children, and there is also a Goshala in the vicinity.
There are various events organized by the temple in the whole year and each of these events have a huge response by the devotees of Hanumanji, some of the events held by the temple previously are, Patosav, Hanuman Jayanti, Samuh Maruti Yagna Pujan etc. On an average the number of people visiting the temple is around 5000. All in all, this place in Gujrat is worth a visit at least for once.
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