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  • Kabisthalam Gajendra Varadha Vishnu Temple
  • Kabisthalam Gajendra Varadha Vishnu Temple
  • Kabisthalam Gajendra Varadha Vishnu Temple
  • Kabisthalam Gajendra Varadha Vishnu Temple
  • Kabisthalam Gajendra Varadha Vishnu Temple
  • Kabisthalam Gajendra Varadha Vishnu Temple

Kabisthalam Gajendra Varadha Perumal Vishnu Temple

Kabisthalam, Nr Kumbakonam, TamilNadu
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The temple of Gajendra Varadha Perumal can be found in the small town of Thirukandiyur; it is situated on the border of the southern state of Tamil Nadu and is devoted to the powerful of all Hindu Gods- Lord Vishnu.This shrine is said to be one, out of the hundred and eight Divyadesams that commemorate Lord Vishnu, who devotees worship as Gajendra Varadha, whereas his wife, Lakshmi is worshipped as Ramanavalli. The shrine is said to be a part of the group of the five Pancha-Kannan temples. This is the place, where Krishna, who in the form of Vishnu is given importance over the ruling idol.
The place is popular for the Gajendra Moksham tale. An elephant called Gajendra used to pick lotus flowers from the pond and offered it to the Lord. One time a crocodile caught hold of his leg and the elephant called Lord Vishnu for aid. The Lord then gave pratyaksham to the elephant and threw his disc at the crocodile to save the elephant. Also, it is supposed that the Lord gave Peyalwar a chance to witness the Gajendra Moksham occasion at this place once again. The shrine is said to be the only divyadesam in Kanchi with a Swarga Vaasal. Another story linked with this temple is that Lord Vishnu took the appearance with eight hands holding eight weapons to kill the vicious snake sent by Saraswati to disturb the homa being performed by Brahma.
People of the village firmly believe in the fact that devotees who pray to the Lord here are actually bound to attain moksha. This is the place where Indradhyumna who transformed into an elephant whereas Gandhara transformed into a crocodile, after they both were cursed, it is here that they achieved moksha. Any sins that the devotees might have committed are believed to be cleansed. It is here that the Saints by the names of Brugu, Tambiraparani and the third, being, Markandeya took the blessings of the divine entity. A large number of elephants lived in this area, which can be seen even today in the jungle area of Mundanthurai. The fact that a saint by the name of Agasthya inhabited this place can be verified as the Agasthya falls of Papanasam can be found here. The architecture of the temple is in sync with the architecture of their time, also a number of epigraphs which justify the same, can be found here.He later became Gajendra Vardha, because he catered to the needs of Indradhyumna who transformed into an elephant, after he was cursed, by telling him that the Lord will retain his spot. In antiquity, the place was referred to as Yanai Katha Nallur which means that an elephant was absolved of its curse.
Every day, there are six rites that are performed. Also, there are four festivals that are celebrated annually at the shrine, the Gajendra Moksha Leela, which is one of them, is celebrated during the month of Aadi , according to the Tamilian calendar—it refers to the English months of July and August. Devotees pray to the Lord requesting him to banish obstacles from their lives, to bless them with a child, to help them achieve happiness and peace in their everyday lives; they ask Him to bless them so that they can do well academically and to help them to carry out businesses successfully.
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