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  • Tirukkuvalai Brahmapureeshwarar Shiva Temple
  • Tirukkuvalai Brahmapureeshwarar Shiva Temple
  • Tirukkuvalai Brahmapureeshwarar Shiva Temple

Tirukkuvalai Brahmapureeshwarar Shiva Temple

Thirukkuvalai,Nagai, TamilNadu
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Brahmapureeshwarar Temple is situated in Tirukkuvalai in the Nagai District of Tamil Nadu. The presiding deity is Lord Shiva. The temple is built in Dravidian style. The main tower and the inner architecture are exquisitely planned and executed portraying the glory of Dravidian Architecture. Lord Vinayaka and Mother Sakthi are the other deities in this temple.
There are seven Thyagarajar temples in Tamil Nadu. Chola dynasty ruled Tamil Nadu gloriously during the ancient Sangam Tamil age and pre-medieval periods. They have built some great temples with excellent architectural beauty. One of the Chola Kings, Mukundan, prayed Lord Indra who is the king of Devas and when he appeared before him, he asked for an image of Sree Thyagaraja Swamigal. The king of Devas wanted to play with the king and showed seven pictures of Lord Shiva in seven dance poses. Later during the time that followed all the seven images were installed in seven different temples in the Cauvery basin of Tamil Nadu. One of the images is installed in Tirukkuvalai. In this temple the lord Shiva is in a pose that is called as Ajappa Thana which can be described as a dance without recitals or chanting.
MahashivaRathri is the main festival celebrated in the temple. All Pradhosham days are also celebrated. During the Brahmostav the lord is taken out for a processing and Lord Shiva is said to actually dance during such processions. The temple opens as early as 6 AM in the morning and baring a small break in the afternoon, the temple is open the whole day till night 10 PM.Regular pujas are conducted to the deity six times a day. Devotees buy Archanai Thattu that is available in the entrance of the temple which contains mainly of coconut, betel leaves and nuts, Karpooram and Agar bathis. This is given to the Archagar and the birth star of the person has to be told to offer this ritual. The Archagar recites mantras connected the person's birth star and this said to be more personalised service where one's presence is taken to the lord immediately. Devotees also buy lamps made of clay and lit them in the place allotted. Oil and ghee both can be used for lighting the lamps depending upon what the devotee had committed to the god.
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