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  • Nanjangudu Srikanteshwara Temple
  • Nanjangudu Srikanteshwara Temple
  • Nanjangudu Srikanteshwara Temple
  • Nanjangudu Srikanteshwara Temple
  • Nanjangudu Srikanteshwara Temple
  • Nanjangudu Srikanteshwara Temple

Nanjangudu Srikanteshwara Shiva Temple

Nanjanagud, Mysore ,Ka rnataka
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The Srikanteshwara shrine is an historical temple in the Hindu pilgrimage city of Nanjangud in the Karnataka condition, Southeast Indian. It is known for the historical temple of the god Srikanteshwara (another name for the god Shiva, also known as Nanjundeshwara).The Srikanteshwara temple is in the city on the right bank of river Kapila, a tributary of the Kaveri. Nanjangud is also known as "DakshinaKashi" or "Varanasi/Prayag of South".
The Nanjundeshwara shrine is one of the greatest temple or temples in Karnataka. It has a place of about 560 sq. meters (45 m N-S, 116 m E-W). It is designed in Dravidian design, near to the stream Kapila. The temple's primary entry is experiencing eastwards and has a Gopura (tower) on the entry which is about 120 legs great and is one of the greatest Gopuras in Karnataka. It has seven experiences and has seven silver coated Kalasas on the top of the Gopura. The shrine had been inregular development in stages and efforts from different kings of the area for about 10 hundreds of years by Gangas, Cholas, Hoysalas, Krishnadevaraya, Dalavoys and Wodeyaras from Ninth millennium to Nineteenth millennium.WhileTippu Sultan's regal elephant have lost its vision, he worshiped Master Nanjundeshwarawhotrusted in Him. The vision of the hippo got retrieved and Master Nanjundeshwara was known as as "Hakim Nanjundeshwara" by Tippu Sultan. Tippu Sultan then contributed a Shiva Lingam created of jade massage beds (precious natural stone) next toamong an emerald natural pendant to the shrine. Hakim indicates physician, Master Nanjundeshwara is also known as as "VaidyaNanjundeshwara" and is even nowadays said to be a healbot for his enthusiasts.
This shrine has 3 primary deities, Master Nanjundeshwara, Goddess Parvathi (wife of Master Shiva) and Master Vishnu with Sridevi and Bhudevi. The Shivalinga (Idol of Master Shiva) is about 1 m in size.The other deities in the shrine are Ganesh, Subramanya (Muruga or Karthikeyan), Goddess Sharada (Saraswathi), Chandikeshwara, Navagraha, and Nandi (Bull).There are 60 six Idols of shaiva team known as Nayamnars. There are more than 100 lingas in the shrine which are of different types and dimensions of which SahasraLinga is not to be skipped. The Srikanteshwara (Nanjundeshwara) Linga is the earliest one.
The "DoddaJaathre" event at Nanjangud by shirne draws a large number of enthusiasts. The celebrations in the reasonable contain five vibrant chariots that are drawn by enthusiasts on a direction known as the rathabeedi.MahaShivarathri, GirijaKalyan, ChikkaJathra, DoddaJathra, Teppothsava and LakshaDeepothsava are the primary celebrations recognized along with other celebrations devoted to Master Shiva. DoddaJathre (Big fest) in which 5 Chariots are drawn by the enthusiasts in the primary roads of the old city is recognized in the 30 days of March/April and on this day a large number of enthusiasts come to Nanjangud for the event. Devotees take Five Chariots during this day and some of the enthusiasts also do Jagaran on this evening as on the nights MahaShivarathri. The five chariots are devoted to Ganesh, Srikanteshwara, Parvathi, Subramanya and Chandikeshwara. They bring their specific idols.ChikkaJathre (Small fest) is recognized usually in November/December 30 days. During this day, three chariots are drawn by the enthusiasts.A procession of 11 little chariots will take position on SrikanteshwaraJayanthi (during Navarathri). Chariot with Idol of Master Subramanya is drawn by enthusiasts on the day of Skanda (Subramanya) Shashti.
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