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  • Tirucherai Sri Saranatha Vishnu Temple
  • Tirucherai Sri Saranatha Vishnu Temple
  • Tirucherai Sri Saranatha Vishnu Temple
  • Tirucherai Sri Saranatha Vishnu Temple
  • Tirucherai Sri Saranatha Vishnu Temple
  • Tirucherai Sri Saranatha Vishnu Temple
  • Tirucherai Sri Saranatha Vishnu Temple

Tirucherai Sri Saranatha Perumal Vishnu Temple

Tirucherai, TamilNadu
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This shrine can be found in the Tanjore which is in the region of Tamil Nadu. Kumbakonam is 7 kilometers away as well as Naachiyar kovil is 3 kilometers away. The presiding god is Vishnu recognized also as "Saranathan" and the shrine is single of the one hundred and eight Divya Desams.
Thirucherai is single of the earliest shrines and is considered that was exiting from Dwabara, by the Huge Raja Gopruam among the size of 120 legs. As time came towards eliminate the whole globe and to complete the yugam, Master Brahma was concerned and become a huge hit Master Vishnu to inform him in a method to continue the resources which will be needed for Srishti once more and every Vedas securely. The Legend is Thirucherai, listening to the problems of Master Brhamawho is the ALMIGHTY requested him in the direction to put the resources those are needed for Srushti once more in a powerful mud pot. Master Brahma began to create an exclusive pot, except all went in a waste of time; the containers were damaged and not powerful enough to keep the Vedas. He was not been successful at his process. Lastly, Master Brahma by no means of contacted Master Vishnu again; in addition to he was recommended to gather sand as of this holy area Thirucherai to create a pot. Ss a result, Master Brahma crated an exclusive pot through this paranormal sand as of here and maintained Vedas and resources for the development. That's why as this position provided the wonderful mud which organised a cause part along with became the purpose for all life to stay even later than Pralaya is recognized as Sara Kshetram with Thirucherai. Thiru indicates St. and Cheru indicate Sand. Vara Prasadhi was blessed by Hanuman here.
Mudikondan stream moves from the western and Kudamuruti stream in the southern. Lord Hanuman/Aanchaneya blesses since the western end of pushkarani and Master Vianayaka on or after the Northern southern part. Rajagopuram One hundred and twenty ft. high and adjacent this being the initial praharam plus it is the Center Gopuram. After that is Thirukalyana Mandapam. Since now we are blessed by Rajagopala swamy. At the front side of it is Thiruvenkatamudayam sannathi has being located. After this Master Sri Rama, Manavala Maamunigal sannathis and Narashimar are present. Inside the Karbagraham, Moolaver's Saranathar with his wives: Boomidevi, Sridevi, Mahalakshmi Neela devi with Sara Naayagi present his real delights. At his right is Markanteya Maharishi in addition to Stream Cauvery are revealed. Santhana Gopalan plus Selvar are too revealed in the sannadhi.
On each Thaipoosam day, Master Saranatha with his 5 spouses blesses us as a kid in his mom Cauvery's side in a magnificently designed chariot. God Rama gives a very unique dharshan here. By the side of Devi Sita with Lakshmana, he presents as it was discovered in woodlands for 14 decades. The shrine traditions are conducted six times in a day.
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