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  • Tanjore Brihadeeshwarar Temple
  • Tanjore Brihadeeshwarar Temple
  • Tanjore Brihadeeshwarar Temple
  • Tanjore Brihadeeshwarar Temple
  • Tanjore Brihadeeshwarar Temple
  • Tanjore Brihadeeshwarar Temple
  • Tanjore Brihadeeshwarar Temple

Tanjore Brihadeeshwarar Shiva Temple

Thanjavur Big Temple,Thanjavur, TamilNadu
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Brihadeshwara Shrine, RajaRajeswara Shrine and Rajarajeswaram,It is one of the largest sanctuary in India and 1 of India's most valued structural sites. Designed by ruler king Chola and I finished in 1010 A.D, Peruvudaeyaar Shrine, also famously known as the 'Big Temple', converted 1000 decades of age truly. The temple is aspect of the UNESCO Globe Culture Website known as the "Great Residing Chola Temples.
The Brihadeshwarar shrine was constructed to increase the elegance of the throne of the king Chola kingdom by the Tamil emperor Arulmozhivarman, famously known as Rajaraja Chola in conformity to a control provided him in a desire. One of the first excellent Tamil Chola developing tasks, the temple's fundamentals were set out in 1002 CE. Axial and shaped geometry guidelines the shrine structure. Sanctuary from this interval and followed by two hundred years are an appearance of the Tamil (Chola) prosperity, energy and creative skills. The appearances of such functions are of multi-dimensional content with predicting rectangle richness indication the appearance of the modern Chola design. Intended to demonstrate the emperor's perspective of his energy and his connection to the worldwide purchase, the shrine was the site of the significant elegant events such as anointing the king and connecting him with idol Shiva, and the everyday traditions of the idols were replicated by those masters. It is a structural example presenting the genuine way of the Dravedian kind of shrine structure and associate of the king Chola kingdom belief and the Tamil civilization in Southeast Indian. The shrine “testifies to the amazing success of the king Chola in structure, statue, artwork and brown launching.
Brihadeeswara Shrine of Tamil Nadu is an amazing example of Tamil structure and it is also the first marble temple around the globe. The temple structure is 66 m great and it has 16 legs long and 13 legs great sculpture of Nandi developed out of only one stone at the entry of Brihadeeswara temple. This developing was developed as an elegant temple which used to sustain a employees of 600 people such as clergymen, history owners, performers, plant suppliers etc. The surfaces of this temple complicated are developed like a castle. Brihadeeswara temple developing includes a 63 metres Shikhara, a primary temple which has Mandapam and sub shrines. At the entry of this Shrine is a large Nandi sculpture. At the inner sanctum there is a large stone Lingam which is about 8.7 m in size. The surfaces of the sanctuary have many statues of gods and actresses decorative on it. Many legendary creatures and stars can be seen on these surfaces by means of artwork which are developed by Chola performers.
People from all over the country come to visit this temple. As this temple is the significant feature that attracts people to come and visit this temple. During the puja's conducted in this temple, the prasadam is being distributed among the devotees after presenting it to the presiding diety.
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