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  • Kutralam Tirukutralanathar Temple
  • Kutralam Tirukutralanathar Temple
  • Kutralam Tirukutralanathar Temple
  • Kutralam Tirukutralanathar Temple

Kutralam Sri Tirukutralanathar Shiva Temple

Courtallam Water Falls, Tenkasi, TamilNadu
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Courtallam is found at a distance of five kilometers away from the city of Sengattai, it is six kilometers away from Tenkasi, from Puliangadi, It is said to be thirty seven kilometers away, from the city is Tirunelvelli, it is fifty three kilometers away, it is hundred and thiery seven kilometers away from the city of Kanyakumari and a hundred and twelve kilometers from the city of Thiruvananthapuram, and at a distance of seventy two kilometers away from the village Srivilliputhur and six hundred and forty kilometers away from the city of Chennai. One can reach this place by both train and air, as the airport that is closest to this place is the Tuticorin airport and the railway station that is closest to this place can be found in Tenkasi, that is situated at a distance of six kilometers away from this place.
The shrine of Kutralam is built in honor of Thirukutralanathar, that is Lord Shiva, and the shrine which is erected at the border of the prime waterfalls is that of Kutraleeshwar. Legend ha s it that a sage, by the name of Agastya, was sent by Lord Shiva towards the southern part of the country, in order to prevent an disparity from taking place because of the congestion in the mountain of Kailasa, during his extraterrestrial wedding.Chitra Sabha, can be found in Coutrallam, it is one among the five shrines where Lord Nataraja executed his renowned celestial dance form.
People believe that some therapeutic aromatic plants were used in the building of the Chitra Sabha. The doors of this structure are planks that are carved out of wood, which are rather heavy. There are figurines of many Gods inside the small hallways that can be found in the shrine, like Vishnu, Visalakshi, Viswanathar, Vishwanathar swamy of Tenkasi, and the Navagrahas among others.
There is a temple in the shape of a conch which can be found in the shrine, which is called Sangakovil. There is also another shrine that is built in honor of Goddess Parvathy, and it is considered highly important as it is believed to be one among the sixty four shakti peethams. Moreover, once can find a Tirikootamandapam here, where a large number of festivals are celebrated on a grand scale with a lot of pomp and in high spirits. The linga of Lord Shiva that is found in this shrine is said to have been manifested by itself, therefore it is referred to as swayambulinga. This shrine possesses the Chitra Sabha, which is renowned all over the country, as its walls are painted with beautiful paintings and one can also see carvings that are rather identical to Chidambram, which is among the five sabha keshttrams. The shrine is located amidst picturesque surroundings and the environment here, is very peaceful and tranquil and it is said to sprawl over a massive 3.5 acre property and is located close to the mountains of Trikoondamalai.
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